Should we cancel our daughter's birthday trip?

The family and I are planning a beach trip next month. We want our daughter to experience an aquarium for her first birthday. With everything going on, my husband is worried we should cancel. I personally feel like we can keep a safe distance at the beach and walking around. If we can’t, we’ll avoid certain areas. Any thoughts or opinions on this?


I would postpone it- you still have to eat and use the bathroom and get gas ect. It’s not worth it


cancel she won’t know


Go and enjoy and just social distancing

At 1 she won’t even remember. I however did just take my 3 girls ages 4,6,8 on a 2 day vacation out of state & we wore mask and social distanced. As well as washed our hands every place we went and hand liquid sanitizer for ourselves and spray sanitizer for the vehicle. The way things are going this virus isn’t going anywhere. And while you should be cautious, you shouldn’t quit living your life. I’m on both sides of the fence on a lot of issues with the times right now.


How bad is everything where you live? If it’s not bad, practice social distancing and go.

Probably should because people are crazy and stupid and refuse to listen to any professionals about staying in doors

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She will never remember it.


not worth it she will never remember it anyway’


You only live once. You cant hold back on life because of this… life is too short for canceling these special moments

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Have fun the beach is not to crowded in la so many different beaches. It just depends where your going.

Kids don’t remember shit at that age.

I wouldn’t be making travel plans for the moment.

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Go. Use caution, masks and hand sanitizer. Socially distance. This is the new normal.

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I would cancel as well.

We are taking our annual family vacation at the beach next month as well. I hate to say this but regardless what you decide their will be people that are going to judge your decision. You need to do what is right for your family. Enjoy and social distance, your daughter only gets her first birthday once. :heart:


Depends where you’re traveling too I guess. We go to the local beach all the time.

I’d cancel. She’s too young to remember or care. Better safe with your health than sorry.

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Depends where u live. Where I live they are closing things back down so idk if aquariums will even be open. Beaches in my county never shut down everyone keeps their distances but it’s frowned upon to visit other county’s beaches because yours closed down. Personally I wouldn’t: my daughter just had her first birthday. June 25 and my son had his third July 11. Before covid we were gunna do a party and then take our kids to the aquarium but we didn’t with everything going on. But really it’s your choice. We go on nature trails and stuff but that’s about it

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She won’t remember it anyway tbh. And the first bday parties tend to be for the parents so given the way the world is right now why take unnecessary risks? Cancel/postpone the trip and maybe bring her for her 2nd or 3rd bday when she can enjoy it more. If she’s older for her first aquarium experience she is more likely to remember it.