Should we continue to have my husbands kids over?

My husband has two kids whom he sees every weekend, and I have two who live with me, with the coronavirus lockdown, we decided it was best to skip this last one. However, this is getting worse and scarier by the day, food is scarce as well, and we can barely feed ourselves and our pets with only one job, not to mention rent and bills, I would feel very guilty if we didn’t see them for a while tho. should or should we continue to get them as scheduled or is it best not to bring them out to us until its safe? Please help!


Facetime! Only way to be safe on both ends


I don’t not agree with children seeing their other parent being non essential. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? I think it’s absurd unless your child or someone in the immediate household are high risk and it’s a special case to keep any child from their father


That’s messed up his kids are just as important

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Get them as scheduled since they were made with your husbands spunk.

I too wondering if I should keep my daughter home during this. She is Immune compromised but her dad wants her to go over…

If i was the husband, id leave.
If there is no risk between both households then those kids have every right to come every weekend if thats how visitations are suppose to be.
Selfishness doesnt work…

Lmao, So your kids should eat and his can starve?! If they are quarantined, I dont see why they cant come see their dad .


Really this is probably a discussion that the childs mother( and SO if she has one) and your husband and you all need to have. I know things are tight but if she’s a single mom right now they may be extra tight for her so if you can I’d offer some extra help and y’all should figure out face time or something if the kids aren’t going to be coming over and maybe figure out some way to play a game that lasts for at least an hour to give the mom a break.


Sorry but I really hope you’re not just trying to have an excuse to just focus on your children in this difficult time…when you made the decision to marry him knowing that he had children you should love and accept his children just the way you expect him to love and accept yours…just imagine not seeing yours! And imagine how his kids may feel during this chaotic time…right now they still need the reassurance of unconditional love !

My boyfriend’s daughter lives in Italy with her mom, obviously we can live without bringing her over this summer to make sure we dont help spread it to the rest of the kids. I would say it’s very reasonable with loosing jobs and possibly spreading the virus you shouldn’t leave the house except for food and medical

At first I was ready to harp on you. But the quarantine struggle is real. The one thing that isn’t an excuse is food. Even if you don’t have them, he should contribute extra money for ‘his kids’ to be fed when they should’ve been with him. Their mother is probably struggling to. But if she isn’t, ask her how she feels. She might actually agree as well. Have extra FaceTime visits and such and plan a fun family day for when the quarantine is lifted. It’s about their safety not abandoning them.


My kids are self isolated with me for 12 weeks. They regularly see their dad but we have stopped this until its over. I see it as cross contamination still as you have no idea where each family has been in contact with. X


My steps live in a different state. They decided it was best to stop visits till this slows down. It just keeps everyones mind at ease and IF some one gets sick theres no finger pointing.

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I say no. FaceTime works

My fiance’s kids are in NJ and we are waiting to bring them here since my mom is older and we live with her.

If your husband is still out in the workforce then it would be the same risk as his kids coming home to their dad. It should be a decision made as a family unit in the best interest of the kids.

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The only way were going to get this thing to stop spreading is to stop social contact. So no. But it is your husband’s job as parent to continue making be sure his kids are taken care of. I know it’s rough but it’s responsibility to find out if they need anything & supply what they don’t have.

Some states are offering unemployment for those out of work because covid19. There’s some organizations that are helping ppl in certain fields. Look into that. You can also apply online for temporary emergency SNAP.

No! They can stay home and continue visitations when this is over.

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Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick and choose when to see your children bc when you married into an instant family you get all of them! That shouldn’t even be a question to be asking.