Should we get our 1-year-old a tablet?

My hubby and I are extremely against little kids with electronics. However, our little guy is 1 1/2 and doesn’t want to learn anything unless it’s standing on a table yelling animal sounds, counting when he’s getting in trouble so he counts back, or running and bouncing around while doing abc’s. Do you think it’s a good idea to get him a tablet and only use it for like an hour every day??? Does anyone recommend a certain tablet or learning programs for toddlers? Yes, we know each kid learns differently and at their own pace but this mama is exhausted trying to keep him entertained while learning.


Leapfrog has a few different kids tablets that you can get, and they are specifically for learning. My kids loved them

I wouldnt do it! Hes a year old. Hes not going to sit and learn like a 7 year old. Let him be a kid before he becomes addicted to electronics!


I tried teaching my son with flash cards and games, he wanted no part in it. He saw my friends son with a tablet so we got him one, he is now 3 and knows ABC’s, 1-40, animals, adding and subtracting. He still plays outside and with his toys and loves to get dirty.


A kids amazon tablet would be perfect! Lots of educational apps and just limit his time on it.

He’s a year old…let him be a kid and learn without a screen in front of him.


That’s just his age I would hold off on the tablet for now you will be playing with it more than him they have such a short attention span at that age🙂I would suggest a mommy and me group at the library or pool to get him socialized with other littles and practice sharing ect I have 3 kids and possibly pre school


We are getting our little one this for Christmas. Comes with different activity books.

Pbs has a cool tablet out for kids

He doesn’t need a tablet. let him play outside and play in the dirt with his toys and learn his colors and count his toys. He needs to learn to play by himself and TOYS.


My daughter got a learning tablet after she turned one and it has taught her so much. She’s not even 2 and she can count to 10 and say most of her ABCs. I love it

The kids Amazon Fire Freetime tablet is amazing.

My son’s speech therapist said you want toys they will encourage them to do things on their own not toys that will talk or do the work for them. My personal opinion is don’t get them a tablet this young


I wouldn’t do it my kids where about 5 before they even got a game system to play and still don’t have tablets to use. Also they only are allowed video game time on the weekends

My grandson started with his parents phone, they download learning games. He was 1 1/2 , that way they monitor everything. Now he’s 3 and knows how to work the fire stick. Lol

Nope. He’s 1. He’s supposed to be nuts with the attention span of a squirrel. :+1:t2:
Quit putting so much pressure on him.


No not a good idea. My nephew just turned 3 never had one and can do all of the above such as abc, counting, naming animals.
Let kids be kids and don’t ruin them with technology too early


Nope… so I downloaded a kids learning game on my phone. Figured when we are sitting in doctors offices or a couple times a week for like 10-15 min I’d let him play with it. Works on sounding out letters and other learning activities. He is really great kid but when I would say time to shut it off he would freak out and scream bloody murder. Then he started asking for it all the time and every time I said no! Same thing. Lots of screaming and crying for long periods of time. I can say no to anything else and he listens and does great, but anything to do with an electronic and it’s the end of the world. I wish I never showed him that :frowning:

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I’m not against tablets, but my son didn’t get one till three for educational purpose (timed) at one they should be doing way more hands on learning than tablet learning. Only time I had a tablet on at one was ok the car for my son because it was the ONLY thing that prevented him from getting carsick, remaining occupied with baby Einstein’s :roll_eyes:

Get him a leapfrog. Their awesome for kids to learn.