Should you know your SO's phone password?

He’s hiding something for sure!

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No passwords on phones . Both people should be able to go on or use if needed each others phone. Sorry but it sounds like he’s hiding something from you. It could be something like inappropriate conversations with a woman.


We’ve got passwords on our phones but we call them kid locks lol. He knows mine and I know his.


I would say you already know the answer if you’ve already had problems with the content on his phone before. Time to let him go.


He’s hiding something

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Redflag for sure, been dealing with that sneaky shit for years

If u even have to ask to look at his phone there’s a problem period


I’ll say it from the other point of view. I have a password on my phone. My husband does not know it. And if he asked for it, I would not give it to him. NOT because I have something to hide. But because if he can’t trust me, then we don’t need to be together.


We don’t have a password on our phones.

We know each others passwords but we never feel the need to go through them. We mostly keep a lock because our 8mo son likes to play with them but we dont want him dialing anyone lol

Yikes. That wouldn’t fly with me. My husband and I have the same password on our phones so we can get into them at anytime if needed. Usually don’t but if there’s nothing to hide there’s no reason not to.

You should be able to trust your partner. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been established as a couple. The real questions are:

Why are you still with someone you know you can’t trust?

What internal conflict do you have with yourself that makes you feel that you deserve to continue this cycle of mistrust?

What couples therapy have you tried?

At what point do you tell him you’ve changed the locks and you have the only key?

I know my partners password but I never go in it or think to go in it. Honestly there’s deffiantly some trust issues that need to be discussed for you both. Goodluck :slight_smile:

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Fuck that. My husbands and mine are unlocked. We hide nothing

Hiding something! Any time we had a passcode on the other one knew what it was!

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If it wasn’t for my work email being on my phone, I wouldn’t have a lock on mine.

I only ever kept a password on my phone at work because I didn’t trust certain people. I have nothing to hide so I don’t use one. I have no other reason to have a password. He could look at anything on my phone and I’m pretty confident that my boyfriend would hand over his phone at any given time if I asked.
If there have been issues in the past with him being shady and he insists on keeping a password you dont know he’s 100% hiding something…

We’ve Always had each other’s password if he kept his from me I’d assume he was hiding something, it’s a trust thing simple things like a phone and hiding a password Would make me think he’s being untruthful and low key doing shit he shouldn’t be

I have a password on my phone my husband doesn’t care I put it on there because kids that’s why :joy: but if he wants to look what’s on my phone I give him the password but he doesn’t ask much because he trusts me

We know eachothers passwords and use eachothers phones randomly. Like if his is charging and he wants to look something up he’ll grab mine and use it, vice versa. No worries, nothing to hide.