Should you know your SO's phone password?

His finger print is in my phone and mine is in his, I would say either he’s hiding something or may be embarrassed about something he has on it??

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Nah…in what universe would that ever be ok? The answer is NONE. Unpopular opinion…you don’t get privacy in a marriage. And people that want privacy like they doing some shady shit. Don’t accept that bullshit, he playing you and he open about it. He don’t give two fucks, and you just along for the ride.

That seems like a red flag to me.
My husband and I have basically the same password and the only reason for the password is to keep the kids out of the phones. We frequently answer each others phones (calls, texts, messages, etc.) Whoever has their hands free or is closer to the phone answers :woman_shrugging:


We dont have passwords on our phones. Everything is linked. Facebook, email, contacts, everything. We have nothing to hide. The kids dont have passwords either.

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My husband and I both have passwords but we know each other’s codes. He’s hiding something

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I’ll be honest, I demanded his phone password when we were first dating (he had mine too) because we BOTH were acting shady. 6 years later, passwords don’t mean shit. It’s mainly so if someone gets our phones, they can’t go through our pictures :woman_shrugging:t2: if you can’t trust him, don’t be with him. It’s been 11 years babe, he’s not going to change. He’s definitely hiding something on his phone… unless you refuse to give him your password too? Idk, this is kind of one sided. But I think y’all should sit down and discuss everything and go from there.

I know my hubby’s and he knows mine. If he wants to know something all he really need do is ask me.

I dont go through my man’s phone but he does make sure I know the code in case I need it…it sounds like your husband has something to hide

I know his pw he knows mine too g mail and all but I never go through his phone. Trust goes a long way

Well Sweetheart I can GUARANTEE he’s not PROTECTING his grandmother’s family recipe’s!


My husband and I both have passcodes on our phones but we know eachothers passwords to everything

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Hmm :thinking: sounds like he is hiding something if he has a issue with it.

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I know my husbands password but I don’t feel the need to go through his phone.

My husband and I both have passcodes on our phones. We both know each others, but we’ve never had reasons to not trust each other in the past. We have codes only for the fact if it’s stolen or lost we don’t want people to see everything and get info off of them. And so our daughter doesn’t get into god knows what lol


We both have passwords so that our toddlers can’t access our phones lol. But we have each other’s passwords and our older kids do too in case of emergency. The issue for me in this one is that you’ve found stuff before. He should be being an open book to earn trust back in my opinion

I don’t know my boyfriend’s password and I don’t want it :woman_shrugging:


I don’t know the password/code to my S/O phone. Been together for over 6 years. I don’t feel the need to know it either. If I asked in sure he’d tell be but I trust him. I feel like that’s the difference. There is obviously trust issues in your relationship. Maybe sit down and talk him how you feel and that you feel like he’s hiding something by not sharing his code. Might give you peace of mind to know it, even if you don’t check his phone.


Well if you dont have trust that is where I would start…

I know my husband’s password and he knows mine. When we first got together, I had some major trust issues due to past relationships. I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I looked at his phone because I know I can trust him. He has never looked in mine but I would have no problem if he did, I have nothing to hide.

Neither of us have passwords. I think we use each others phones more than our own sometimes 🤷