Should you know your SO's phone password?

My bf and I are open communication we look at each other phones, we can see each other bank account, literally no secrets

Cant trust him, don’t need him :woman_shrugging:t3:

I know my husband’s password and he just remembered mine in the last 3 months after me telling him everytime he asked for a year. :rofl:

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Me or my wife don’t have passcodes but don’t need to check each other’s phones but if she did I have nothing to hide
It feels wrong from both sides you don’t trust him and he either doesn’t trust you or he’s hiding stuff

The day I have to go thru my husband’s phone is the day it’s over. I won’t live that life again.

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I dont know my husband’s password, because if I gotta go through his phone and be a detective, then we shouldnt be together!

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I don’t have one on my phone and I know his. If someone texts me or calls me or him we answer each others phones. Been together for 10 and a half years and no need to hide anything…sounds like he definitely has something to hide…

I know my husband pw and he knows mine only reason we have pw is because of my niece and nephew playing with my phone

Both of us are welcome to go through each others phone should we feel the need for it, we have each others passcode.

Me and my boyfriend know each other’s passwords and we always use each other’s phone sometimes he uses my phone more than his and idc

I know my husbands and he knows mine. We also both have face id but we dont have each other’s faces in the others phone, we just know the passcode. Sometimes he tells me no but he hands it over anyway. I tell him he can go through mine anytime he wants and he says he has no need to. But neither one of us go through each others phones

We have passwords but I know his and his fingerprint is set in mine. When we first started dating we went to a music festival maybe 2 months into our relationship. I lost my phone there and he just gave me his until my new one came in because I have a toddler. (No he hadn’t met her yet). One of the many reasons he’s a keeper. :heart:

Thats ridiculous obviously he has things to hidd

Yes but not for trust reasons. Someone else should always have it just in case something happens and they need to access it.

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When I first started dating my now husband he gave me his password and still to this day if he changes it he lets me know. I never ask and never go on his phone unless he ask me to look up something for him. He also knows my password but doesn’t look on mine unless I ask. We trust each other and know passwords just in case something happens.

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I have gone through that, all problems about this issue aside, I’m single now and happier than I’ve been in eight years.

i know his. but we both have face id for both phones so he can get into mine even tho he can’t remember my password to save his life :joy:

I think you already know what’s going on. You’ve already found things before, so the trust issues are already there. Probably were prior to that seeing has you went through his phone. So instead of building trust with you, he puts a password on the phone and refuses to let you see it? That doesn’t sound right. You simply need to decided if you’re going to put your foot down or be silent. I wouldn’t stay in a relationship without trust, and if you’ve found “things” before it’s defiantly not there🤷🏼‍♀️

My husband and I don’t use passwords, have full access to anything and everything. Shit we even share a Facebook, mainly because we own a business, and I’m more social media present. If we wanted to go through the others phone we could.

i know mine his password on his phone and his computer and i do not check it unless have to. i answer his phone if rings and hes not near it. he knows it. and hes the one who gave to me .

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We only have passwords to keep our toddler from calling the cops. We know each others passwords for literally everything. That’s all red flags to me