Since having a baby, I feel disconnected from my husband: Help?

Ever since my husband and I have had a baby, I feel so disconnected from him - it’s not his fault at all. I just mentally cannot do it. I get annoyed with him very easily, I don’t feel like we have a connection anymore, and I’m really struggling to want to make our relationship work. He is an AMAZING father and husband, but I can’t stop getting upset with him for no reason. Do you have any advice for me?


See a therapist and see whats e ternally going on with yourself.

Get evaluated for PPD

Talk to him, let him know you may be suffering post partum depression. Seek doctor.

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PPD is very real. Go get evaluated.

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I’d see a therapist, get to the trigger of the problem and try to go from there, take a deep breathe & try to remember he’s just trying to help. I get this way without a baby

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed after having a child and those closest to us are often the ones we end up taking it out on. I agree with previous responses that you may want to be evaluated for a postpartum depression, anxiety, anger, etc.

Talk to him, and see about maybe a therapist? Sounds PPD to me… I’m sorry sweetie

Post Partum Depression
Also, are you sleeping?
If I don’t get sleep (first child, love her to death but OMG she never slept at night) I get beyond dramatic and pissed off at everyone

Go see your doctor and see if they can give you something for anxiety. It’s real. Maybe help calm you so you aren’t getting upset so easily.

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Deep breaths and remember that when having a child, the relationship will go through changes. Its no longer about just the two of you, his and your attention goes towards the baby so feeling distant is normal. You just need to talk it through with him. Explain whats going on amd find ways yiu both could make things easier or better for the two of you.

communicate with each other . babies put a huge strain on a relationship in order to get back to Yourselves, You guys should set up a date night or time together nightly

Could be ppd see a doctor not yur fault it happened sometimes

Date night for sure and PPD…1 in 7 of us experience it…you are not alone❤ mine came out as anger after birth of my kiddos…you got this girl!

Post partum hormones are difficult to deal with.

If baby real new, could be YOUR hormones!
Give it a little more time, exercise & do date nights. Go out of your way to focus on him & all the good!

Have a date with him.

Yes I agree you are suffering from post partum depression. Go to your dr. They should be able too help you. Good luck!!

How old is your baby? My husband annoyed me alot for awhile, think was hormone related. As my dr said can take up to a year to feel yourself again

Ppd, honestly if you’re a formula feeder or a bottle feeder get enough milk to last a couple of days and maybe let the baby stay with a family member ( just for two days) and spend some time with your man. See why you’re feeling that way and see if the relationship is actually over. It’s okay to take a break and get back together when you’re ready again.

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