Single moms, how do you manage your work life and being a mom?

How do you single moms work and afford to pay for everything plus daycare? I’ve been living on government assistance and child support since becoming a single mother, and I’m so ready to start working again. I’ve been offered a decent job but not sure how I’m going to afford childcare. I’ve applied for child care assistance but not sure how much that actually helps out. I’m feeling defeated and like working wouldn’t even be worth it. Also, please add that I’m afraid of losing my Medicaid for my kids, so then insurance would be another added expense.


They wont take your kids Medicaid

Childcare assistance takes care of the entire bill I’m pretty sure and you could make a million dollars and your KIDS would still have Medicaid.

I’d say go get a job.

You can look up the income requirements in order to keep your assistance

Don’t feel defeated living with help . You and your child are here for a reason . Give yourself the credit you deserve . The daycare assistance helps a lot and makes it affordable in to which you can work . Once you start daycare and work you find a routine that works for you.

Child care is free at first and then when you get pay stubs they go by your income. I was only paying $32 for 8 hrs a day… 5 days a week. It’s worth it

There is a certain amount you make a month but if you have more to pay they will assist in any way especially insurance and child care. I worked and had Medicaid and child care and worked 36 to 40 hours a week. It won’t hurt to talk to a case worker they will answer your questions about how you can submit a change report and what your will end up with good luck and Congratulations on finding a job and staying independent! You got this girl!! It will be the beat thing in the world know you can provide for you children even with a lil help!!:heart::heart:

I was a single mom with decent jobs and my son always kept his Medicare since we got child support. Even when I married and had another baby she also got Medicare which is SOOO good since she was born with a cleft lip and palate

Income requirements per state for assistance.
I’m not a single mama but recently we have been struggling it’s really a fine line. My husband makes too much for us to get assistance but not enough to cover household bills.


They wont take it. I lived this life for yrs, it’s hard and childcare is going to be expensive so if you can if the kids are school aged find an after school group or program to signup for (if theirs any). Or find a fam or friend you trust to come to your home to care for the kids. Your assistance may be adjusted but I don’t think they will take it all.

I never had a choice but to work and figure out away to afford it all I’ve never gotten assistance and never had the pleasure of saying it won’t be worth it to work how did I do it I just did because I had no other options if I wanted to feed my Leeds and keep a roof over there head I had to work 60 plus hours a week stick together a budget and learned to balance work and family life


Just get a job. Anything you make above and beyond is extra money you could use to take care of your kids. You won’t lose your Medicaid and child care assistance pays almost the whole bill.

The kids won’t lose their medicard

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ND it’s rough gonna gonna lie but u can do it

Self-employment eliminates all of those conflicts & stress.


I found a neighbor who offered at home daycare which is usually less expensive. It paid off bc I got my promotion at work and now make a decent income. They havent taken away Medicaid so I think you’ll be ok.

Speak to your case worker and also find a daycare you can afford with help

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I really hope those that are saying ahe wont lose her Medicaid have actually experienced NEEDING medicaid or at least done some research on it… for instance in FL if u r working u pay for medicaid…which is a fair price of around $20 a kid…keep in mind this does change depending in income and dependent amounts… but say you have one child and make $16/hr (mind u still struggling making this) you will have to pay around $230 a month for Medicaid
Child care assistance…if u make over $10/hr where I’m from u cant recieve assistance

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I was a single mother until my first born was 5. I had state insurance, and food stamps. I got a job doing in home nannying, I made sure the parents of the families I interviewed with knew i would be bringing my infant/toddler/preschooler with me. I provided the food for myself and my child of course, but it made it so that I didn’t have to pay for child care. I was already finger printed through the state, and went through a CPR certification class for infants and children before I started working.

You do what you have to and keep doing it. Is it easy? No but you do what your kids need because you’re their mom.

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