Teachers assume I am my sons sibling: Advice?

Any teen moms here? I had my son when I was 15. He’s 12 now, and I get so many silly comments, especially at his school. When I met two of his teachers, they said, “sorry, we need a parent here, not a sibling” my son also gets so mad when his friends think I’m his sister. I don’t know how to help him feel better about it or what to say. He understands I had him at such a young age, but he still gets so upset at people’s comments. What do I say? I’m so lost, and I feel so guilty for him being ashamed.


that’s super unprofessional of the teachers and staff. Maybe write the school explaining


I honestly get the same. I had mine at 16. He’s going on 8 now and really tall.:sweat_smile: I was kinda upset the first few years, I’ve gotten kind of used to it by now.

Try introducing yourself as his mom. “Hi I’m Mistie, Leighton’s mom”


Welcome to my life im 30 and my daughter’s are 12 & 14. It never stops.

As annoying as it is, hey… could be worse, they could be thinking you’re the kids grandma :older_woman:


I’m 22 with a 5 year old, 2 year old, and due any day with my 3rd. I get told all the time I don’t look old enough to have 3 kids but I’ve been moved out and raising kids in my own house since I was pregnant with my first without anyones help so as long as ur doing what u should be, don’t worry about what anyone says. I tell my kids I had them younger so I could love them longer :woman_shrugging:t2:


I was 18. Im 35 now. And my oldest is 17. We still get sisters. Still. Its actually a huge compliment. But mine i girls so its probably very different. I can see why he’s frustrated. Just roll with it. Tell people you just look young.

I had my son at 17, he’s 8 now. I still get the comments asking if I am his sister. Then I tell them I am his mother and they ask am I sure!?!? I’m like wth do you mean am I sure? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I had to explain to my son it is because I had him at an early age in life and that some people just don’t age as well as we do. :woman_shrugging:

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I had my daughter at 31, some lady at Costco asked me if I was my baby’s grandma. :roll_eyes: people need to think before they speak.

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Here is a pic of me and my babies there are times when my kids friends first meet me they think i am their sister… I had my oldest at 17 it’s hard at times when i have to explain to them i am their mother not a sibling and it can become frustrating… Stay strong momma and keep your head up it will get better :blush:

I take it as a compliment!


Me and those teaches would have had some serious words

SAme girl same… I had my oldest at 16 she’s now in middle school… and still get asked if I’m her sister… even a few of my younger kids who are school age are always asked is that your mom? And they are like no that’s my mom and I’m almost 30zzz

Better than them thinking you are the grandmother… lol


I also had my daughter at 15 she is now 16 and I still get asked if we’re sisters all the time, and she looks identical to me

I get teased allllll the time by doctors etc lmao my 9 and 10 year old are up to my eyeballs and I’m 5’4”
They are giant me and my girl share clothes lmao. But I just laugh it off I even joke around too but I make it clear I am the mother and not a sibling!

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I had mine at 16 he will be 29, still happens. It was rough being the youngest mom in HIS high school but just explain who you are the will eventually ft it.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of smh :woman_facepalming: or what if mom is old they think it’s grandma … say no I’m mom ok … they should know next time you go that your he’s mom

Hahaha omg I got yelled at by daughter’s science teacher because he thought I was her older sister …She must have a parent present . Another teacher pulled him aside and said that’s her mum :joy::joy::joy::blush::blush: