Teachers assume I am my sons sibling: Advice?

Not the same situation exactly but… I looked VERY young when I started teaching. My only solution was to dress more maturely when I wanted to be taken seriously.


My son is now 20 and I just turned 35! My son still likes to fuck around and introduce me as his older sister :woman_facepalming:t4: lol
We’re basically going to be in an old folks home together :crazy_face:
He’ll grow out of it! I’m glad I’m son embraced it.

I had my son at 16 we never really had that problem. He laughs now about it cause they would ask my age and he would say 23 and the kids would be like wow my brother 23😂 But he was never embarrassed. He thought it was weird that his friends parents were in their 40’s 🤷

A simple “I AM his mother” with a little death glare thrown in works pretty well. :slight_smile:
Chin up. It’s ridiculous you have to deal with it now, but shut it down the moment it happens. It really does dissipate as they get older.


The petty part of me says to say you’ve “got good genes, sorry they didn’t get any.”
But the better part of me says to just politely correct them. You’re setting an example by how you respond.
And if no one has told you lately, you’re an awesome mom. That wasn’t an easy path to take but it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job. You shouldn’t be embarrassed of all your hard work. Neither should he.


I’d be reporting the teachers unprofessional behavior.They can not just assume you are not the parent or guardian.Now days all sorts of people of different ages take care of children.


Giiiirl it does not get easier :pleading_face: u just get used to it and hope ppl understand once I was at a chinese place w my 20 year old I’m 34 this old lady kept staring at us just mad dogging us finally she gets up and says she’s leaving or needs to be moved to another table because she can’t take the disgrace of seeing how a grown ass women like me can be out in public w a youngster like that :joy: I laughed and said but I love him of course I wanna show him off to the world I’m proud of him she nearly fkn fainted :joy: then I told her he’s my son he’s my pride and joy lady chill she just rolled her eyes and left then someone mysteriously paid our lunch bill 🤷🏻‍♀

I had my oldest son at 16, im now 36 and he is just a cpl weeks shy of being 20, we still get the brother sister comments, he laughs, but I also now have an almost 5 yr old and if all 3 of us are out in public they assume my oldest is the father of his little brother and that im the grandmother… he has never been affected by ppl assuming we are brother and sister "thank goodness " but I can live without ppl assuming I have an almost 5 yr old grandson… good luck

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My daughter is 33 I’m 49 she told everyone I was her sister most of her life we have a great relationship

I had my son at 15 too. It worst when they get old, I saw a old boyfriend and he thought my son was my boyfriend…:woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::grin: went to court with him, custody of my granddaughter and tried to explain to the judge and she told me as his girlfriend I had nothing to do with the child when I told the judge I was the grandmother she apologize. Son 42 me 57…

As a kid of someone who’s parents had them young we grow out of that weirdness. I used to hate it because people thought I was dating my dad or my mom was my sister but now I just don’t even care. Its honestly on people and the assumptions they make, not on you.

You think that’s bad. I got an even better one for you. I was 20 when I had my daughter. I happened to be staying at my parents house when I went into labor. They drove me to the hospital. They made my Mom sign me in because I looked like I was only 16. The same thing happened at my gynocologist office the first time I went. I brought my ID in with me and my mother for my 2nd appointment and wasn’t even questioned! Still till this day I have people questioning my age. But most of the time it’s when I’m carded for alcohol and I love it! I’m 52 now! :joy::joy::joy::joy: I take it as a compliment now lol

If this is your biggest problem in life, then you are doing well. :rofl:


I got pregnant with my son at 15 too he’s 32 now but I always had people telling me I wasn’t old enough to have a son that old and it was funny

Lol I look younger at times then I look for my two oldest, when I would come for the interviews for the first time I think the teachers would all be a little shocked I guess I wasn’t what they imagined :woman_shrugging:t2: my kids are biracial and I had them in my early 20’s.

Had my first at 15 he’s now 23 his friends have hit on me not knowing I was his mom he takes it all with a grain of salt

This is me and my 8 year old. I’m only 4’9 and 90 lbs. happens all the time to us too. :rofl:

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I’m in the same boat i had my daughter at 15 she’s will be 13 next month i used to have to tell her teachers and kids i am mom all the time

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This is me and my mom. She had me at 16 and we always get asked if we’re sisters even though she’s 100% white, and I am very obviously half hispanic lol. She’s 44 now and i’m 27. I even get asked if I’m in HS or college at times if I’m not wearing makeup. Sometimes I’m super flattered, others I’m annoyed.

I was 16 and my son will be 9 in May and I’ve been asked too if I was his sister before lol