Teens and driving

How did you feel when your teen started driving? Is it normal not to be excited?


Perfectly normal. It’s scary having your kiddo out driving. It gets easier though.

I think it all depends on your situation. I’m stressed for time and overrun with driving these kids everywhere. I am counting down the days to have another driver to help out. Ecstatic. So it probably just varies based on the kid and the circumstances.

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Relieved. Especially with #3 is school is 18 miles away with no. Bus

I had so much anxiety about teaching my oldest son how to drive. After a little while the anxiety went away, but now it’s time to teach my daughter so here it comes again lol.

Scared to death at first and still sometimes now lol but happy for the help with rides for my other children

We have two getting ready to drive year. I am terrified but excited for them. Also, because I will no longer have to drive anywhere. LOL

Duh lol! I wasnt allowed to get my license till I was 18 from how unexcited my parent was

I think that is a totally normal response. Fear and worry probably trump excitement.

You can feel sad your baby is growing up, terrified to have your precious child go out on dangerous roadways with little experience, fear they will destroy something of your car in the process, worry that they will be/get too cocky, ambiguous about impending freedom when you won’t know for sure where they are. Be as calm as you can when in a car with them, try not to scream, or get a pro to teach them for the most part.

Be sure after they have been driving on their own a while you get them comfortable driving in congestion, on an interstate with truck traffic and in areas with confusing traffic patterns: variable lane control, express/toll lanes, “spaghetti bowl” flyovers, local vs. bypass lanes, beltways, one-lane bridges, especially if you live in a non-urban area. Let them know you never stop learning to become a better driver.

Yep. And scared and anxious and nervous. But it does get easier over time. Mine has been driving for almost 2 years and I still get anxious when he leaves the driveway. Boy #2 starts driving in a month and a half and I’m starting the feels all over again.

Perfectly normal not to be excited. I wasn’t lol I was petrified having my little girl’s being in control of a vehicle. Also it’s the other crazy drivers that scared me. You got people out here drinking and doing drugs behind the wheel and it’s scary.

2 of my girl’s are in their 20’s now and I STILL freak out sometimes and worry sick about them being on the road.

Get a bumper sticker with your number asking if they are driving bad im sure people will call you if they are driving crazy!


My parents started teaching me how to drive before I was 10 (country life) so by the time I started legally driving at 14 and on my own by 16 they weren’t overly worried about my skills, but they were worried about other bad drivers hitting me. I also wasn’t allowed to ride with other teen drivers driving, so I’d say your lack of excitement is justified.

I was scared shitless of him driving. It’s hard to let go.

I’m fucking terrified for my kids to start driving. But I’m always worried something will happen to them. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s a part of them growing up but you worry about them. It’s important to ensure that he/she is mature enough for such a responsibility. It can also be expensive.

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Its part of growing up but i wasnt excited. I was scared to death. Not because my children were irresponsible or wreckless but because other drivers r

not at all, I was terrified especially after her 8th or 9th time driving she drove down the wrong lane this was 9 years ago she still doesn’t have a license but she’s going to get 1 next month NOW she’s ready…but no not excited at all

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