The doctor couldn't locate babies heartbeat at 12 week appointment: Advice?

The question went for a 12-week prenatal visit today got blood work etc. however, they couldn’t locate baby heartbeat with Doppler they sometimes said the baby is so small at this point that it happens just wondering if it happened to anyone else before or should I be worried!!!


Ultrasound at this gestation

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If you’re a bigger girl that can happen. I am a bigger girl and it was such a pain in the ass trying to use the doppler. They ended up ultrasounding me most of the time anyway, since I was high-risk.

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It happens don’t freak out just yet wait a couple weeks then when you go back they’ll recheck you. This happened to me with my first baby I was Abt 14 or 15 weeks before we started hearing his heartbeat regularly

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Yes I did rhey could only do it on the readable heart rate monitor eith rhe ultra sound, usually yes u should b able to hear it however sometimes the baby is to small or is to far back in ur spine

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I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not audible until 10 weeks or after and you may or may not be exactly 12 weeks. Wait until next visit before you worry.

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Sorry to say, the only time this has happened to me is when I was miscarrying. I have had 5 miscarriages and 6 successful pregnancies (well almost anyway, I’m currently 30 weeks w the last one).
I’ve heard of it happening and still resulting in a perfectly healthy pregnancy tho so hopefully that’s what it is this time:)


Well, no matter what anyone says hun you’re going to worry. Try to stay positive and if need be talk to your Dr. Again about it.

They never really use the Doppler on me till I’m about 15-16 weeks along they always say before those weeks it can be hard to find. They usually do a sonogram to see/hear it before those weeks for me.

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Don’t worry dopplers don’t always pick up the heart beat that early. If concerned, they will get you in for a sonogram

At my 13ish week appointment they couldn’t find a heartbeat with the Doppler, just have to wait a little longer! Don’t panic :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats normal 2 of my kiddos was about 16 weeks in office but it does depend on where baby is laying

My daughter hid every single time, literally had to get an ultrasound at every appointment. She was just a stinker

That happened to me at my 13 week appointment; the doctor tried to locate the baby with the Doppler and he could not pick up on the heartbeat. The doctor sent me over for a ultrasound and the ultrasound tech said that my son was just very active and that could have been why the doctor had a hard time locating the heartbeat

They could never catch my youngest heartbeat through out my whole pregnancy… he just liked to hide…

We couldn’t hear my babies heart beat until I was about 17-18 weeks (second pregnancy). My placenta is sitting in front and muffled the heartbeat. Its not abnormal. I would double check with you doctor and request an ultrasound.
Rest easy mama, don’t try to stress too much.

Request a vaginal ultrasound your early but should be able to hear it on there my last appointment I was 16 and it still took awhile to find both heartbeats with the doppler

From 15 weeks it can be detected with Doppler

I JUST had this happen 3 days ago i asked for a viability ultrasound and they got my in the next day (i have a history of miscarriage)

This happen to me and even though got a trace of heartbeat but didn’t stay on for long I worried still ,she was just tucked down more into my pelvis area.