The doctor found fluid around my babies lungs: Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi! Could you please make an anonymous post for me? I had my first ultrasound yesterday at 8+5, and they found fluid around the baby’s lungs. They had me come in for another ultrasound today to show me what they were talking about. The Dr said the fluid could disappear on its own by 12 weeks or that it could be something more serious than has caused it, like chromosomal abnormalities. We go in at 12 weeks for another ultrasound, and we will be doing genetic testing then too. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what ended up happening. Thank you.

My daughter has a 3 month old when she was pregnant there was fluid around his heart to it did go away but she had the usual test for disabilities anyway hes a very healthy happy baby I have never seen such a good baby and I used to work in daycare So right now don’t worry about the fluid unless they tell you different but it dies happen

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When I was pregnant with my first daughter she had fluid in her kidneys (hydronephrosis), cyst all over her kidneys and a duplicated urinary system (that we later found out when she had her first ultrasound after birth). I also did the genetic test and personaly for me, I regret it because the risk is so high and I didn’t plan on having an abortion so there really was no point to stress myself out. She did not have down syndrome but then they told me she wouldn’t survive long after birth without surgery because her kidneys were failing. After lots of ultrasounds, blood test, drs appointments with specialist and lots of prayers… by her 3rd birthday they told me her kidneys completely healed on their own. I would wait until further in your pregnancy to make that decision because as the above comment mentions it happens quite often and it can go away on its own… (my niece had the same thing) but as a mother you know what is best for your baby… prayers on a healthy pregnancy :pray:


My daughter had fluid in her kidneys we were told it might be downs, turned out it was nothing but we did genetic testing,and everything. We were so scared all to find out she probably just needed to pee