The doctor said it looks like my baby may have a hernia on their intenstines: Advice?

I just had my 12-week ultrasound at the beginning of the week, and my doctor told me that it looks like my baby either has a hernia or some of its intestines are not in the baby’s body. I go in for a 2nd opinion and more ultrasounds at a bigger hospital tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced this? What was done to help the baby? Obviously, they are going to try and fix it, but do they do it while I’m still pregnant or after I give birth? Am I going to be able to carry the baby to term, or should I expect to have it early? And do I plan on having a c-section now, or am I still going to be able to deliver naturally? Also, what are the chances they were wrong, and nothing is wrong with my baby, wishful thinking I know. I know I’m going to get more answers tomorrow, but I was just wondering what everyone else’s experiences were if they experienced this.


Dr should answer all your questions


please please do yourself a favor just talked to your doctors. I had a very high risk pregnancy and it was so hard waiting to have to talk to the doctor at my next appointment or the next specialist. But trust me you don’t want somebody giving you false information or what happened with them and get you going crazy in your own mind. You don’t need the stress just focus on growing a beautiful healthy baby. Hugs


Please stop asking people on facebook just ask and talk to your doctor, that’s what they’re there for.


Pray honey all u can do.Wait til tomorrow.:purple_heart:


If the baby’s intestines are outside the body, that is a birth defect and there is some great support groups on Facebook! My son was born with gastroschisis 19 years ago.

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Praying for you :heart: and praying for your little one too.

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She stated she is going to another ultrasound and all tomorrow. She is obviously seeking medical advice & is just askin women who have experienced this what to possibly expect! More than likely to help ease her worry & anxiety. I’m sry u are goin thru this and I will keep u in my prayers! I havnt dealt with this exact situation but I knw what it is to be worried when pregnant and it is not fun. Hugs to u🥰


Praying for some peace of mind and some answers :heartbeat:

If the baby has intestines growing outside the body, they push them in after birth and stitch the wound. If its a hernia they should deem how big or small it is and either leave it if its no issue or surgically remove it one baby is born or a few months old~


Hernias are extremely common and very simple to fix. However, intestines on the outside of the body is a very serious. Not super uncommon, but still serious. Surgery will fix it. Don’t panic! The fact that they caught it is very good and either way, both can be fixed.

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These are all questions that you need to ask your doctor, not random strangers.


Okay yall make gastroschisis sound like a walk in the park
Gastroschisis is a rare defect in the abdominal wall where not only intestine but organs can come and float outside of the babies body not all cases can just be put right back in some require multiple surgieris and silos to assist. Some gastro babies have multiple complications their entire life
If you are 12 weeks an gastroschisis is suspected ( Intestines outside the body) you need to see a high risk ob as soon as possible you also woll need to see a maternal fetal specialist for an indepth ultra sound . You should meet with surgery around 5mnths pregnate and under no circumstances should u go past 37 weeks
If you would like to message me u can we have a gastroschisis grandson who lives with us and I can refer you to some amazing resources


If it is gastroschisis (intestines outside the body) you will see a MFM every 4-6w for an ultrasound, or 1-2w if they are measuring way behind. Your baby will have an ultrasound around 20w to do a more thorough ultrasound of their brain, growth, spine, etc… You’ll also have an ultrasound at 20w specifically for the heart. If they are measuring small, which most gastro babies do, you’ll be given steroid shots before delivery for their lungs. Women pregnant with gastro babies get induced at 37w. If your baby is way behind in growth, you’ll be induced at 36w. It is safe to deliver gastro babies vaginally. When the baby is born, the will immediately be taken from you and rushed to NICU. You will be able to visit them that same day though. A bag will be placed over their intestines and they will either have surgery to put the intestines back in within 24hrs, or the intestines will slowly be put back inside depending on the severity. They will tighten the bag every day to do so. NICU stays are typically 4-6w for gastro babies and they almost always have no lifelong issues. The nurse I talked to when they suspected I had a gastro baby said the chance of them being wrong was 60%, but she also didn’t seem to know what she was talking about for the most part. Feel free to message me with any questions.

It’s really hard to answer any of these questions without more info on the condition. But it’s possible they could be wrong.

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I went through this 2 yrs ago with my son. It’s called gastroschisis. (If it is the intestines on the outside )
He’s absolutely fine now ( thank god)
I carried to 37 wks and had a normal delivery … obviously everyone’s situations r unique.
Good luck at ur scan tomorrow, it’s absolutely heart wrenching when u have to wait for the answers, again I had to wait a day for my confirmation and it killed me! Wishing u all the luck in the world. :two_hearts: X

My granddaughter was born with this - she is 6 now and doing great .

My husband cousin was born with her intestines outside of her tummy and she will be 19 this year and there’s nothing she can’t do :heart_eyes: prayers that everything is ok though

When I was pregnant my daughter had to omphacil so which is the intestines on the outside of the belly and she is doing great she also had two holes in her heart a vsd and ASD she had to open heart surgeries and was on life support for 30 days with RSV before 3 months old she is now 13 and doing great no medication no problems with anything thank God

I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this it’s called a ruptured omphalocele and unfortunately my baby girl didn’t make it out children are 1 in 100,000 that have it. And no if your baby does have this defect they will do a amniocentesis to make sure your baby does not have any other birth defects that may arise when this takes place and you will have your baby early via c-section. God bless you I hope you have a better outcome than mine I’ll be praying for you love, hugs and prayer for you!!!