The doctor told me I had too much fluid around the baby: Advice?

I’m currently 36 weeks 6 days pregnant with my third baby… I went to the doctor Friday they told me I have too much fluid around the baby… I went again today, and they told me the baby might have autism or downs that can be causing it… I might also add I have gestational diabetes that runs between 130 to 72 with insulin help… But the doctor is telling me my sugars cant be the cause of the high fluids… I’m wondering if any other moms have been told this, and the baby ended up being completely fine.


I had my baby 5 weeks ago and I was told she had to much fluid I even got tested for GD because they said that could be the cause I didn’t have it though but she was born absolutely fine, I just flooded the floor twice when my waters broke because there was genuinely Alot of fluid the only thing they was concerned about with me was that the cord could come first but that didn’t happen either. I had a lovely all natural labour

I had two kids that are now 3 and 5 and had too much fluid with them and was tested for GD a lot with both pregnancies. They never figured out why I had so much fluid but both kids are healthy, no problems!

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I had too much fluid with all 3 of my pregnancies.
The doctor who delivered my first said she’s never seen so much fluid. She’s been delivering babies for 20 years…
my water broke first, and I gushed, lots, for 36 hours. And she broke my water twice. It was almost too much!
I also had GD, but didn’t need insulin.
Perfectly healthy baby girl.

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They told me my daughter was going be downs baby cuz of her size her postion n others she came out good i was also sick thru out my whole pg n i only gain 6lbs instead of gaining i was losing until last wk of having her

I didn’t know that was possible! I had virtually none. Which was a major issue of course.

I had too much fluid with 2 of my 4. They both turned out perfectly fine. Everyone around me just enjoyed an extra shower that day!

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My fluid levels were really high with my second child. I had a c-section at a little over 37 weeks because my levels kept going up and they didn’t know why. They did several ultrasounds to check her kidneys, but she always looked ok. She spent a night in the NICU because she had a little trouble breathing when she was born, but she’s a perfectly healthy 3 year old now.

My best friend had a lot of extra fluid with her last, she was a big baby and over a yr old now, no downs and no autism as of yet

I had a lot of fluid with my 3 rd and gestational diabetes with my 2nd and 3rd, was in insulin and would go between my regular obgyn and maternal fetal medicine and they said it was caused by the gestational diabetes. All children were born and are still healthy.

Yes, inwS told that in my third pregnancy, my son is fine and then 25 yrs old on the 6th of June

I had a lot of water with my son. Minus having to have a csection everything was fine.

I had a lot extra with my 5th child. He ended up having a rare genetic disorder called Noonan Syndrome Sos1

With my last pregnancy towards the end I had extra fluid. They said it sometimes happens. When they broke my water it was a lot, the doctor was sitting on the edge of the bed and the side
Of him got wet it was really a lot

I had a lot of fluid with my son my doctor wasnt concerned just told me that was why i felt so full, heavy/bloated my baby is fine i would consider getting a second professional opinion if you are worried though

I had the exact same situation, was scared out of my mind for 5 months of pregnancy. He was born 3 days before his due date, perfect weight, and perfectly healthy.

Unless you had an amniocentesis don’t believe anything they tell you. They are purely guessing. I had a high risk pregnancy and they told me there is a possibility my baby could have trisomy 18 and the genetic testing came back fine. She does have some birth defects they still can’t figure out how because believe it or not they know enough or have the technology. I was induced 2 weeks early. Don’t sweat it to much though.

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I had a lot of fluid with my oldest. But I didn’t know until my OB broke my water for delivery. My baby girl was perfect.

With both my babies, the doctors (one in TX, one in MO) said they had never seen that much water when they broke my bag of waters… my girls were fine.