The guy I am dating has a "small package": Advice?

I am recently dating this guy who is so sweet and so kind and is absolutely wonderful to me, but he has a “small package,” and I don’t know what to do with this. And I sometimes know little doesn’t mean everything, but we’re talking little enough that it matters, and it does mean something, and I just need to know what to do…


If he’s that awesome. It’s worth persuing. Be honest with him. There are toys and other things you can use (alone or with him) to satisfy yourself. Be gentle with him when bringing it up. It’s obviously out of his control. If y’all can build a great relationship, it’s not worth throwing away. Sex fades overtime anyway

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My baby isn’t that big and I stay on top almost every night but I love it…

I find that being on top and riding a small package hit the g spot every single time. Being on top I can angle it to an big “o” every single time.

Decide what’s more important to you. How he treats you or his package.

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I’m married to a man that is very small. I love him but it has had an effect on our marriage the last 18 years. He will need to want to please you in other ways like oral or with toys or his hands and really focus on the foreplay for you. It doesn’t change how I love him.

In my experience men who know they have smaller sizes tend to go out of their way to please you. So actual penetration might not matter if you’re getting pleased other ways. I found myself in this position and at first was like wtf do I do. I pushed through to find out my husband could give me the big O other ways. Multiple times before even considering thinking about his finish. Bcus it helps him get there to know he took care of me. Some others I’ve been with that had “big” packages never even got me close. So as long as your partner is doing their job. It shouldn’t matter

I’m queer gender. So every woman I date has a ‘small package’. I’ve been with men and can tell you that size doesn’t actually matter. I 100% orgasm with a woman, but rarely did with a guy. Fingers, hands, tongues, touch, foreplay are all valid ways to be intimate. It dosen’t have to just be penile penetration.

talking micro? Less than 3 inches? If so- you should just become a lesbian- they have bigger :tongue: and toys! :rofl::rofl: sorry… not sorry.

I had Dated a guy who was as small as my pinky. I didn’t stay. Sex is important

Maybe incorporate toys and such to help with the experience and doesn’t hurt his feelings?

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Go ontop and ride him, least you can control to get an orgasm if he’s too tiny :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


He better be handy with his mouth if you catch my drift. Also maybe go to a adult store together and have him help you pick a personal massager for you!


Well if the jigsaw piece doesn’t fit the puzzle the picture won’t ever be finished. Just saying. :v:


Lots of oral,maybe :thinking: and figure out a position that feels good in the situation. Best advice I have :woman_shrugging: lol. And hopefully he knows how to use his tongue for your sake.

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Toys during sex :woman_shrugging:t3:


Maybe you have a loose vagina? See how ignorant that sounds…no different than what you just said… Like jeeze lady, tell a bunch of strangers about his size. That’s just cruel

He deserves someone that accepts him, not you that comes on the internet and tells everyone about his size…

Let him go so he can find someone thats good to him. Who will care for who he is and not what he has. :man_shrugging:


I’m convinced, the bigger the :eggplant: the bigger the :eggplant: they are. :joy::joy:

If he’s great to you, don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of other ways he can satisfy you.