The guy I am dating is constantly keeping in contact with his ex: Advice?

I’m with a guy that is younger than me…he is constantly talking to his ex-wife but not about the children…she knows what he’s doing. What he’s eating and God only knows what else…he recently let his ten-year-old son disrespect me by putting me in the back seat of the truck…should I count my losses and move on?!!!..I would never let my children disrespect an adult and make them get in the back for a child to ride upfront


Cut your losses NOW!! Been there, done that!! I was in a 3yr relationship with a guy who kept in touch w his ex behind my bk. We were living together & my things started disappearing from the porch & clothes line, she supposedly was taking them. I don’t regret one minute leaving him!!


U have to ask if u should stay with a man who is disrespecting u??? My ex did that only to cause drama between us, needless to say we aren’t together anymore

Move on. He’s still in love with ex. If he lived you he’d make his kid show some damn respect.


I’d rethink that relationship. He does not seem over his ex wife. And I’m sorry I get that kids come first, but I would not let my child take the front seat as I’m picking anyone up that is very disrespectful.


As bad as it sucks walk away now…it will only hurt worse the longer you wait & you deserve better!!!


A 10 year old “made” you get in the back? The problem is not that they dont respect you. The problem is that you don’t respect yourself. No else will until you do.


:running_man: :running_man: he still in love with the ex disrespect from the child is only going to get worse


Young males are less mature than most women. I suggest moving on and to try to date older men of at least 4 to 5 years older than yourself. Those are the men who are more understanding of the needs of life and a wife.


If you put up with that stuff now and you all continue to date it will probably only get worse. Run

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Leave now. It’s not worth the hassle. Things won’t change. Find someone closer to your age or even a few years older. You need some one more stable. Good luck.


Why are you still there? You are just barely into the relationship and you’re already struggling. Let him keep his kids up front and you ride in someone else’s car. :v:


Umm. How is that disrespectful?
Two: I would talk to him about his incessant need to talk to his ex.


For one if the kid is under 12 they should be in the back, and 2 he should have stood up for you and told his child to get in the back, and three if he let that happened and all nope… he isnt going to be the one for you…

How is the kid sitting up front disrespectful to you the child wasnt disrespectful your boyfriend was and I’d leave now it will only get worse


Let him go! I have been down that road and it doesn’t get better

Leave, leave now, dont look back. YOU ARE BETTER THAN BEING TREATED LIKE THAT.

Yes hunny count your L’s that’s a done deal time to move on no one has time for disrespect


Sounds like he’s not the right guy for you. Sounds to me he’s still hung up on his ex! Dump the dude! Not worth the drama.

Foots don’t fail you now! RUN.