The guy I am seeing told me he is a cross dresser: Advice?

I recently started seeing a guy whom I like. He is passionate, caring, sweet, and makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world. I have never had that before. My ex-husband was mentally and emotionally abusive, so this is all new to me. I have a two-year-old daughter, and I have been very careful not to introduce her to anyone, and I don’t plan to anytime soon. My dilemma: The guy I am seeing has recently revealed to me that he’s a cross-dresser. He only does it at home, never out in public. He showed me his private “room,” where he keeps everything, and he has way more clothes than I do. And I have a lot. My question is, what would you guys do? I don’t know if it’s too much for me. I don’t know if I can get past this, and although I was very supportive of him when he told me, I don’t know if I’m okay with it. He says he would understand if I stopped seeing him. I asked if he liked men, but he said he was 100% sure he did not. Sooooo, HELP!


This seems to be a really personal choice. You’re not wrong if you think oh hell no I can’t do this. If you want to keep seeing him go ahead :slight_smile:

So, can you imagine your life living with this person? Imagine hanging around the house and your husband says “I’m gonna go get into something more comfortable” and then he comes back in a sexy nightgown… would that bother you or turn you off? Is that something you want your daughter to eventually see and experience? To each their own. I just know that it would bother me in the long run so I wouldn’t continue building a relationship with someone who does something that makes me so uncomfortable.


Your first and most important priority is to protect your daughter!
Your gut is already telling you this is not ok and you know deep down it’s time to walk away!!
There is more than one secret in that closet and it will come out in time.
It’s best for you and your beloved child to be far away when it does :heartpulse:


How long have you been seeing him? He should have told you first week of knowing him. He may be a great person but that is something you should know before you get any attachment or feelings involved.

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Nothing at all wrong with that. You are only one who can decide what you personally can do. Don’t listen to me or anyone else. Listen to your heart and go with your personal feeling. Not anyone elses


Do what makes you comfortable but I’m sure the time will come when he wants to do it publicly can’t escape in a room for ever

I think you should personally take some time to process it. You are in shock and are gonna feel a few different ways. And you may even go back and forth. You may be fine with it one hour and the next you arent. Take time process and then make a decision.


you definitely have to have an open mind to deal with someone like that. if you feel that you cant handle it then leave…:woman_shrugging:t6:

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I dated a man who would cross dress when he needed to escape . It was his way of a healthy outlet to deal with hard stuff . It didn’t bother me , but I’m not you . Go with your gut .

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That’s only something you can decide personally I wouldn’t want to deal with it. He also should have told you before. If he dis tell you right away would you have walked?

If you question whether or not to continue seeing him, you already know what to do


It’s your own choice to decide.Not everyone will agree.Personally I wouldn’t accept it.Id love the person but we can’t be friends.If you’re going to leave him do it asap in case there are even worse things come out the closet.

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I mean, can you fit in each others clothes or would he look better in your outfits because that would be a deal breaker for me.


Doesn’t bother me but it sounds like something that is too much for you and that’s ok.

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If you have that feeling of uncertainty, it is there for a reason.


Deal breaker…I’d definitely move on


Nooooo. Run!! He definitely likes men! Doesn’t sound right. Dressing in women’s clothes why to fell sexy… Sounds like he doesn’t want to bring out he really likes men that’s why he does it… To each his own but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t!!


Eeeeeewwww! No!
What major turn off :nauseated_face:…a real man dresses like a man NOT a woman!


What if he does actually like both women and men? Maybe he’s afraid to tell you that right now. I personally would walk.