The ultrasound showed I had 2 sacs but one was just fluid: Advice?

I had my first ultrasound a couple of weeks ago… when I went in, I had two sacs, one baby, in it, and the other just fluids? Has anyone experienced this? I was worried I didn’t know if it’s bad or to be concerned… I had asked my doctor, and he said that it should be fine and nothing to worry about? Would the second sac be there still for my next ultrasound? Did anyone go through this before?


Your doctor didn’t explain why there would be two sacs?

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Meee…and when I went for the 2nd ultra sound he said I was having twins :grin::grin::grin::grin:


2 sacs usually mean twins it happened to me my doctor said it would have been twins but the sac with fluid just didn’t form and he said my body would just absorb it. And at next scan it was gone.

Sometimes called a blighted ovum.


Either one of two outcomes. 1. You were pregnant with twins and one didn’t develop but the sac did or 2. Your having twins and one is completely hidden.


Your doctor said nothing to worry about.

It’s possible that your body absorbed the other pregnancy extremely early on, or a blighted ovum. The doctor should have explained this to you.

Sounds like a blighted ovum. I had this but not two sacs

Praying you get answers

Sounds like the empty sac is a blighted ovum
I hope you get answers :heart:

Many reasons for this. You need to wait a bit and go in for a second us

I had 2 sacs, one healthy pregnancy. The 2nd sac was still there at 2nd US

I had two sacs and a very healthy baby boy. :heart:

A fluid filled sac is likely a cyst. They will monitor it to ensure it isn’t getting larger as well as monitor it to ensure it isn’t attached to a blood vessel. However, you and baby should be perfectly ok.

Same. My baby boy was in two sacs tho. Like one sac was inside the other.

Shouldn’t you be asking your obgyn this question?


Nothing to worry about.

It’s call invisible twin I lost the empty sac at 4 week and went on to have a heathy little boy hope this helps xx

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Sounds like you just have a blighted ovum in there as well. The baby will likely absorb it.