The ultrasound tech said they couldn't see all the parts of my babies heart: Has this happened to anyone else?

I had my 20 weeks (19w+4d) scan today. The technician told me she couldn’t see all the parts of the heart (didn’t say which ones) and scheduled me to come back in a month. She told me I shouldn’t worry that most likely everything is fine, and it was probably just the way the baby was lying, but naturally, I’m scared to death. She didn’t have a Dr talk to me or anything, and when I mention it to my OB at my regular check-up he didn’t seem worried either. Anyone have any info they can give me, good or bad?


I’m going thru same thing I got to go tomorrow for new ultrasound pictures they said last time everything was fine just wanted more pictures

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I’ve had to go back but it was the spine. Sometimes it just hard to see everything so hang tight!

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They put the return date a month out, if they where concerned it would be more closely monitored.


This happened with my first child (who is 18 now) with her she was just laying in away that they couldn’t see and everything was fine. I will prayer for you and your family.

Me! I go back Monday for another look. I’m not too worried. She was just a wiggle worm and wouldn’t lay the way they needed to view it completely.

I’ve had to have 3 anatomy scans because he was laying weird. Still waiting on another to get his spine and I’m almost 26 weeks. I’d say it’s normal :woman_shrugging:t2:

I dont want to scare you or be negative in any way, just honest - I was told the EXACT same thing, they saw me again in two weeks with the same results and referred me to a specialist and it turned out my daughter had a MAJOR heart defect :broken_heart:

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I’m surprised an ultrasound tech even mentioned that. They always had my Dr deliver the “concerning” results. All of which were no concern at all.
(Except for the tech that told me my son had no heartbeat, and almost convinced me to do a DNC… He’s 11)

Bottom line:

Just give it time.


Had it happen with first two pregnancies. Boys just moved to much or wouldn’t face the way the lady needed.
The way my current pregnancy baby is going I’ll probably have to do two scans also…my scan isn’t for another week and half though

I would call your doctor back and set up another appt for this next week. It could be absolutely nothing. But I have a few friends that have gone through some really hard times because a doctor acted like they where sure everything was okay. You won’t regret spending the money to make sure your baby is okay :blue_heart:
Go with what your gut says! Momma always know best for their babies.

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Yup happened with both kidlets.

Happened with my second kiddo. He was just being a little shit head & didn’t show everything he needed. Everything was fine & I got to see him on the screen more❤️

With my first I had to go back because they couldn’t get a clear view, he was perfectly fine.

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Sometimes depending on babies positioning it can make it difficult to see everything.

Did you get referred to a Maternal fetal medicine doctor or pediatric cardiologist? Are you have a regular ultrasound when you go or a fetal echocardiogram?

If you are having a normal ultrasound without a specialist I’m assuming they truly are not too worried. Even if they send you off it’s better that they have a specialist look over the heart with an in-depth ultrasound/echo.

My daughter was one of the unlucky children that actually ended up having congenital heart disease after further testing. I won’t go into all the terminology, but she has what is considered severe CHD, and required open heart surgery as a newborn. I don’t say that to scare you, but to explain that even though she does not have a healthy heart and has needed surgery, more surgeries to come, she is a happy 2 year old now. Other than being small and having a scar you would never know she was sick at all. She lives a very happy and full life. So if something actually does show up just know medicine and technology has advanced so much that these kids are able to live an amazing life still. Feel free to message me if you have questions at some point.


If they were concerned the dr. would have talked to you and they would have set you up for an in depth scan and possibly a specialist right away instead of another in office one in a month🤷🏻‍♀️ they thought they saw some issues in my daughter’s heart and i had an ultrasound with a specialist within a few days. Turns out everything was fine, she is 8 and no issues!

i had to go back in because they couldn’t find my sons left kidney but it was how he was laying and they saw it again at the next one

With my first child they thought she had a problem with her heart had a more detailed scan and everything was normal with my 3rd i was sent for an mri as they thought she had a problem with her brain but her brain is also fine x


My daughter wouldn’t turn correctly for the first like 6 months, so we had to go to a specialist to see her heart.
Some babies are just high maintenance