Thoughts about having passwords on a phone?

What do you all think about having passwords on the phone?


I have a passcode, so does my husband. We also know each others passcodes.


I do because of my kids. My fiance knows my code. My fiance doesn’t have one.

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I have one on my phone to keep my toddler out of my phone. Hubby knows what the password is


My husband, son and I all have passcodes on our phones. Of course we know each other’s pass codes though. I don’t put security on my phone to keep my family out-just anyone else!


We both have passwords on our phones. So our kids stay off them & incase we happen to lose our phone or something. But we know each other’s codes. & either of us can grab one another’s phone at any given time if wanted!:woman_shrugging:


Have too! Or my pocket dials. Simple pattern my partner knows. His is a number sequence and I know it as well, hes very prone to pocket calling and texting :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a passcode in case my phone is lost so no one can get in and access all the personal info stored on it. My partner knows my passcode and I know his.

Me and my husband both have the same password lol its so our smallest one doesn’t get into our phones

We don’t use them. But we are always home and have total trust.

You need them for some apps to work, like banking and apple pay. As long as you and your SO aren’t keeping the passcode from each other or the kids aren’t changing it to keep you out, there’s no issue.

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We have passcodes so if we misplace our phones Noone can get in. We also have find my phone apps

I have a passcode incase Face ID doesn’t work like when I wear a face mask for example. Hubby has pattern on his incase his finger print doesn’t read. We know each other’s. And it’s good to stop pocket dialling :joy: x

My wife and I both have pass codes and/or fingerprint protection on our phones. We have the same password and our fingerprints are on each other’s phones

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Everyone should.
What if you lose it, someone will have all your info, pics, msgs, social media.


I have a passcode on my phone because of my children, however the downside is whenever my special needs child gets a hold of it he calls 911 because that’s the only thing to do when its locked

I have a password. Its my phone and if it were to be lost I wouldnt want someone to go through all of my personal information and pictures.

My husband and I both have passwords on our phones but we know each other’s and the only reason they are on there are to keep the kids or others out of our phones not each other

We have one for security purposes. We know each other’s passcodes and so do the kids.

It slows down the usein emergency.