Thoughts about hiring a midwife?

Have any of you gone through the natural birthing process & hire a midwife? What did you love and not love about it? What was the process like when you went into labor? Do you have any tips or advice? Also, if anyone has given birth at a birthing center, I’d love to hear how you feel about it! I have lots of time, but I’m just hoping to hear other mamas experience TIA


I had a midwife half way through my pregnancy, and she delivered my two girls. She spent alot more time with me, even in appointments, which is why i asked for her over my doctor. She seemed to have less people she was taking care of which is why she could spend more time with me! I asled for her with my second pregnancy! Whoever u choose make sure they make you feel comfortable and listen to you.

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I would never recommend a midwife. I had one for my first son who almost killed me. They are not an obgyn please get an actual doctor!


It depends on the practice. I had midwives for both my deliveries. The first was so traumatic I’m still having issues with trauma I almost bled out and she didn’t call the surgeon one of the nurses had to and the surgeon kicked her out of the room. I had a very challenging recovery. The second delivery was alright; however, the midwife sent me home in active labor and I almost didn’t make it back to the hospital because they told me to stay home. It has been very frustrating and I will only use doctors from this point out

I have had very pleasant experiences with midwives I had a horrible experience with a hospital midwives tend to get to know you better

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I had 2 csections 17 and 16 years ago and 2 home births with a midwife 3 and 1 year ago. I would recommend you look for one with experience. Mine had over 30 years of experience. She knew I was dilated and ready to push from across the room based on just watching and listening to me. (She checked me, of course, but I was ready.) I safely delivered a 9 lb and an almost 10 lb baby without any tearing, and the 9 lb’er had her arm stuck next to her head by the umbilical cord! That would’ve meant a broken arm for baby in the hospital!

My midwife knew her stuff, she educated me on my diet and the pregnancy stages I was in and what that meant for me and baby. She had every faith in my body’s ability to birth and she inspired me when I doubted it.

Do your research! Read books about natural birth. Ina May Gaskin is the mother of natural child birth. Read her work, especially. Midwives work from the mindset that birth isn’t a medical event, it’s a natural one. If they’re experienced, they have interventions for basic issues that could arise and the training to know if it’s time to call for a transport. Everyone says “thank God I was at the hospital or else x, y and z would’ve gone so much worse”, but what people don’t realize is that all the interventions in a hospital (IVs, monitors, induction, etc) cause the majority of birth complications and csections.

Birth centers are halfway between a hospital and a home birth, but the midwives there are more of the medical mindset and the guidelines are more in line with a hospital.

I wouldn’t have been allowed a VBAC at our local birth center and most OBs who tell you they will let you try a VBAC usually come up with a reason why you can’t. The hospital has so many requirements about staff that must be present for a VBAC that no one wants to deal with it in case of uterine rupture. Funny thing is, the likelihood of death or injury from a 3rd csection was higher than my risk of uterine rupture, but no one talks about that 🤷

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I had a independent midwife for my first pregnancy. She was really awesome. She visited me before I had baby. I absolutely recommend them.

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I’ve had three incredible birthing center births! My midwives are amazing, attentive, wonderful, beyond knowledgeable, and on and on! I cannot imagine having prenatal care, birth, post natal care, or my regular women’s health trusted to anyone else! My oldest water birth, birth center baby will be 16 tomorrow so I have almost 17 years of experience as a midwife’s patient. I see my midwives for my regular yearly gynecology checkups. Midwife care is truly mother and child centered care, no hospital/doctor could possibly achieve the level of comfort and ease that a birth center can.

I had a midwife it was amazing but also free in Canada

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I have had a OB with my oldest and a midwife with my youngest two and one now that I’m pregnant. I see a specialist which is a ob as well. I love my midwife wouldn’t change her for the world.

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I used 2 birthing centers because of location and where I lived I went to new one for second baby because it was a shorter drive. The first baby I had in a tub. It was a really long labor. But she was so patient with me. I love the freedom and the comfort. Second baby new birth center and just as a wonderful experience. My son had a really big head, and I only have back labor. They did everything to help me have him there with no tearing both times. Fast forward 7 years and that birth center closed. It was too much to deal with insurance and what not and she went back to delivering home births. I personally never wanted a home birth because I feel I couldn’t concentrate and I wanted a completely steril comfortable environment… not my bed lol. Its a lot to have a baby and going somewhere just makes me comfortable. I didn’t want an audience or people coming in and out waiting for me. Baby #3 had a hospital. It wasn’t bad, my dr is amazing and I’m having my 4th in a couple weeks at the same hospital same dr. I felt natural child birth did that and for my last time I want an epidural lol… I’m the opposite of most people. But I really enjoyed birthing centers and think very highly. If you are more concerned about your freedom and comfort go with a birthing center where you will feel on charge .

I saw a midwife at our local hospital. She was amazing. I had to have a repeat c-section. Of course she couldn’t perform it, but she was assisting the whole time. I went have a baby with anyone else. She became like family. I didn’t feel like just a patient.

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I used midwives for both of my pregnancies. Both were delivered in a hospital setting as well. Absolutely loved it and them! There is always a doctor on call just in case of an emergency, but they handled both deliveries with grace and I would recommend finding a midwife that you really like and flow with!

An old friend of had one. I had a regular doctor. I adored my doctor but next time I am going with a midwife as her experience was so much nicer.

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My advice is to thoroughly research all the midwives in your area. Find a local birthing group and ask for testimonies from people who’ve gone through the ones available to you. Someone could have the best/worst experience and tell you all about it and be states/countries away.

Personally, I went through a midwifery and birthed there with my second and had the best experience ever, but that doesn’t exactly help you because the place I went to is probably not available to you. Make sense? :blush::heart:

I went to a hospital for both mine, but all I want to say is to make sure you do your research on who that person is, if their credentials are real (even if they show you a paper that looks legit, do more research and make sure you’re 200% sure they’re real). Look up scams that fake midwives try to do. Even you you meet someone and really love them and they come with high recommendations, those could be fake recommendations. I’ve read scary stories about fake midwives so just wanted to mention to look into common scams :relaxed:

Statistically speaking, a natural birth with a midwife outside of a hospital is far safer than a medicated birth with an ob in a hospital.

On a personal level, nothing beats the experience. I had an ob with my first pregnancy and their care was terrible. It contributed to a second term loss. I started care with an ob when I was pregnant with my son. The care want what I wanted so I switched to a midwife at about 15 weeks. It was the best decision I ever made. Her care saved my pregnancy and allowed me to have a big, healthy baby. I had all the same appointments you would normally have and any extra appointments I wanted. The appointments were far more personal and I spent far more time at each appointment having all my questions/concerns addressed. They also had birthing classes to help prepare for a natural birth. When it came right down to it, things went amazing. I went into labor at 12:05am and called my midwife to let her know. I labored at home until 7:30am and called her again to let her know my contractions were getting much closer and stronger. At that point, I went to her home (where her birthing center was at the time, but I could have birthed at home). Once there, her and her team rallied around me like a true support system. They went above and beyond to make me comfortable. At 9:00 I decided I was ready to push and at 9:41 my son was born. His cord was short and around his neck. She handled it seamlessly and guided him through his cord. He came out with no issues. Once he was out, I hemorrhaged due to the short cord causing my placenta to detach. She handled it so professionally that I didn’t even know anything was wrong until after the hemorrhaging had already been stopped. I was home less that 4 hours after my son was born. He was just shy of 9 pounds and 22 inches long and perfectly healthy. I’ll never go anywhere else for future pregnancies. The whole process was truly life changing. In my opinion, it’s the best prenatal care and delivery option. The postnatal care was amazing too.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you Midwives aren’t trained or aren’t medical professionals because they are. They are licensed, trainer, and educated just like any other medical professional.

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LOVED my midwife experience, but I chose a group that had privileges in a hospital… at the end, I needed an emergency c-section and also got extremely lucky with a great surgeon… wouldn’t change a thing!
The midwives also come to your home after delivery to check you and baby, far easier than going to your own appointments outside your home! And it’s all OHIP covered (in Ontario).


My experience was really nice. Everything feels more personal with a midwife and they really take the time to give you lots of information and resources that a lot of doctors won’t. I labored and gave birth at home and my midwife was really awesome through everything. She didn’t try to force anything and let me make all the decisions. She cleaned up everything for me afterwards and did my laundry for me. I felt it was way nicer than seeing a Dr that barley remembers your name or any of your history. There’s so many more options when you choose to birth outside of the hospital

I’m in the UK and here it is the norm to only see a midwife throughout pregnancy except for your scans. Many ladies don’t need doctors so they are cared for throughout pregnancy until q few weeks post birth when health visitors take over. I’m high risk and pregnant atm so I see a consultant and have regular hospital appointments but as I said this is actually unusual in the UK. Obviously it will be different for you but just wanted to give a perspective from another country x