Thoughts about not having a real wedding?

So my boyfriend and I been together for five years we have our ups and downs he asked me to marry him, but we can’t afford a wedding so he wants to go to the courthouse and do it and he said after we get some money we will have a wedding. I do want to marry him, but what if we get married, and everything fades, and then we won’t have a real wedding I don’t know I’m a woman and I would like a wedding.


If you don’t think its gonna last before you’re married, don’t get married.


My husband and I got married in a courthouse and we’re still 100% crazy about each other. In my personal opinion the marriage is more important than the wedding


Then just wait till you have the money for a wedding.


You can’t afford the wedding of your dreams right now, you said so yourself. Soooooo?

Save up and wait for marriage

No wedding here, I’d not want to spend the money. Rather just go someplace special.

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We had a nice wedding for 3k. It wasn’t perfect but it was perfect enough for us.

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My husband and I did a very small ceremony. Like 10 people in a very nice setting (not courthouse) but not a big wedding either. It was perfect! You don’t have to have a big wedding to have a wedding


:woman_shrugging:t2: we couldn’t afford a wedding either but I loved him more then a wedding. I just wanted his last name so I was fine with going to the court house… but if you think it won’t last just dont marry him and if it’s all bc you won’t have a wedding video etc to look back on again dont marry him. Bc I’m sorry I didnt get a wedding but I look back at the day and smile bc that moment the world melted away and it was jus us…


We had a wedding, but 17 years later wish we had eloped! The relationship is the most important part.

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Y’all can just wait until y’all have the money and in the mean time you would be his fiancé and if by the time you guys have the money for the wedding and it’s faded then don’t get married but don’t do it just because he wants do you have to be ready as well plus you could do the courthouse now and have a wedding later my sister in law did that

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I’ve heard people regretting having big expensive weddings but I’ve NEVER heard anyone regret getting married in a courthouse. I didn’t have a “wedding” and have not regretted it one bit not having wasted money on people you will outgrow anyway!


That’s what Vegas is for. Write out what’s important and what isn’t. Dress, tux, cake, flowers, dinner, venue etc. Come up with a budget and get a package. My husband and I got married for $1000 in Vegas. Not a dream wedding but we had everything I thought was important.


My fiance and I have been together almost 5 yrs, we plan on going to the courthouse and getting married, but have a big party at a hotel where everyone can stay, party, and have fun and not need to leave. We would rather spend a little more on everyone enjoying themselves :green_heart::green_heart:

How about wanting a marriage first? Wedding event later…

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if you want a “real” wedding there are ways to do it really cheap. You can have the ceremony at a park and just do a cake reception. You can also buy your dress from Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. Look at thrift stores for decorations (a lot of times unused decorations get donated) and buy your cake from a Sam’s Club or Costco type place

I swear my wedding cost maybe $2-3 grand tops including my dress, his suit, gifts for our wedding party, church hall rental, photographer, decor,flower, and food

You can prepay for things like a dress and have it covered in advance, save a long the way.

Personally, I would be fine with a courthouse marriage. My goal is just to be with my man and start our lives together. If you really want a bigger more formal wedding, just make sure to let him know how important it is to you and start saving the towards it asap :wink:


We didn’t want a big wedding. We went to the courthouse and just had a taquiero come after to my mother in laws and make tacos. Literally the best decision ever. And we’ve been on four vacations since then. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Everyone’s different. But I really never felt the reason behind a giant wedding.