Thoughts about the copper IUD?

Hey ladies, would you be so kind as to tell me allllll your stories involving the copper IUD? I was on nexplanon for a year, and it made me fat and crazy the pill also makes me crazy. So I’m looking for a nonhormonal option.


I loooove it . I too have bad reactions to pills and the Mirena almost killed me. The copper iud was the best thing I have ever done for myself

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Had mine taken out after a week, it tilted and started to embed itself into my uterus wall, which is a common thing with the IUD, if it happens can cause internal bleeding can even cause you to be unable to have children ever. I’ve had friends who’ve had it and when removed their periods were horrendous to the point they had to go on a pill to even it back out, I’ve had one friend loose her uterus altogether because the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Some women have great stories, majority of them not so great, it is a choice that really shouldn’t be made by social media but with talking to doctors and your family.

I had the mirena previously and my hormones were all over the place. I’d go from screaming to laughing to crying in about 5mins some days. I changed to the copper coil about 2yrs ago and its better. The only downside is that on the mirena I didn’t have periods and now they’re back, pus I only have a 22-26day cycle… I find it really frustrating as I still bleed for 5/6days so feel like I only get 2weeks off a month.

It’s good to not think about but I had mine removed after three months because it made me have two periods a month and it was alot worse than what I normally had. I also started bruising really bad and at the easiest things, bleeding from hickeys (the slightest suction) and my periods were longer.

I had a horrible experience with it honestly I wouldn’t recommend it, pretty much bled the whole time the worse cramps I’ve ever had, headache, fatigue, and I got pregnant on it like 6 months in then ended up having a miscarriage. My grandma in law also got pregnant on it when she was in her 30’s and that’s how she ended up with her youngest daughter. Everyone’s body is different tho I’ve heard some woman had no problems.

I have a copper IUD and I haven’t had any problems… I cant take regular birth control because it caused me a blood clot in my jugular vein.

I’ve had mine since the end of June. It was horrible at first. The massive cramps, the severely heavy periods. Having two periods within a regular cycle. But it’s starting to ease up now.
Cramping is almost gone, periods are back to normal flow.
It’s non hormonal, so you don’t get the nasty mood swings or weight gain. I’m enjoying having it now.

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I had it for 6 months and never stopped bleeding so I had it taken out

I got pregnant on it. Don’t use it

I had it for a while and it worked really well for me. My periods became more regular and shorter while on it. Loved that it was non-hormonal but still very effective (generally dependant on the skill of the person fitting it).

I had it for almost 3 years with no problems. Only had it removed so we could have another baby. Will be getting another one after this baby is born and I get healed up.

Pregnant twice ! Careful x

I had the Mirena at one point and it was awful. I had non stop cramps and bled from the moment it was in to 3 hours after they removed it

Had my first Paragaurd IUD for about 6 yrs after my first born and then choose it again after my second…almost 11yrs with it now

4 years so far, no issues. :grin:

Mine made me menstruate for 14 weeks.

Try the depo shot. I used it for 4yrs an not once got pregnant. Didnt have a period either so it was also money saving too lol…

Had the mirena. First 3 months great then the Terror Period came on and lasted almost 5 years. I literally had a period 70% of the time. Whenever I sneezed, laughed, cried, rolled over, shifted weight, stood up, sat down, called my sister, or even thought about it, my cycle would stop. Not sure if it was the hormones but I was literally going crazy just from the blood. I had to take iron pills bc I went anemic. I had to buy my sanitary napkins in bulk. After I had it pulled I felt like I got my life back!

I can’t use hormonal birth control because of the medications I’m on. I love my iud. I had an ectopic pregnancy with it in place, but I chose to stay with it anyway. The odds of that happening are slim to none, I’m just the lucky person that fits into that .01%