Thoughts on breastfeeding in public?

I am a first time mom of a 6 week old boy and I am not entirely sure how I want to handle public breastfeeding for him and I quite yet. I was raised with lots of women around me who breastfed but they always covered, so the idea of being open would be very different for me. A lot of my family is judgemental about it, which is ridiculous. I can handle them, but I guess my real issue lies with my own confidence. I want to be able to feed my boy anywhere and everywhere without dealing with the hassle of a cover. What tips do you have to build up confidence to get to this point? Also, we are going to be traveling in a plane just the baby and I soon, so any tips with that are appreciated as well.


As much as I am for the woman who can just whip it out anywhere (you go girls!) It’s just not for me… I’ll breastfeed anywhere but I definitely prefer to be covered… just for my own comfort. A lightweight nursing cover (I have a convertible one…carseat cover and highchair cover) I find that works best for me


Screw everyone! Whip out that boogie and feed your baby!


I was extremely self conscious, and used a cover religiously every feeding, even at home. 1 day I needed to feed, and from that day forward I quit caring. Do what’s comfortable. As for the flight, use a baby carrier in the airport for hands free, and nurse during takeoff and landing

Find other moms that are nursing veterans. Nothing is more empowering. Cover no cover, public or not. It should always be up to you.


Just be discreet about it, :blush:

Some good nursing shirts definitely helps! Sometimes I don’t have one, but they make me feel better in high traffic areas. My little is too wild for a cover, but every time you nurse in public you get more and more comfortable! And you realize that the people who stare and have mean comments aren’t as common as you think.


Cover up if that’s what your lore comfortable with, its not about building confidence… it’s really not that big of a hassle to cover up especially if you get a. over that just goes over your neck, you can keep it tied so when you need to nurse just throw it over your neck

Wear layers! A loose T-shirt and a tank top underneath, that way you lift the loose top up latch baby and drape it to his mouth do everything is covered but you don’t need a cover


Just do it ~ you can use the tank top method for more coverage until you get comfortable. Feed that baby proudly!


Where I live they pull breast out for beads…feed ya child


Latched mamma has some pretty cool clothes I recently purchased specifically for nursing. No covers needed and they keep it all discreet. Check it out. Or, be proud and continue to feed the way you feel comfortable. I hate using covers but i will when we’re out to dinner or around my in laws. Otherwise I prefer my child’s comfort over mine. She hates when I cover her and she also gets sweaty pretty quickly when I do cover her.
We flew for the first time just she and I , I politely advised the others next to me that I nurse, jokingly said “ I promise not to flash you” helped break the ice. Thankfully so many people are actually okay with it, I sometimes think we breastfeeding mommies have more concerns with it than others.
Keep it up mom, you’ll find what works for you.

two shirt method
a nursing tank top under and a tshirt over
we use whatever baby blanket we have with us to latch and thats it :woman_shrugging:


They make awesome nursing covers that are also adorable infinity scarves. I loved them lol

I always wear a tank top under my shirt, that way if I’m pulling my top layer up or down it gives additional coverage and draws less attention to you and what you are doing. I prefer a cover at least while latching, something lightweight but you have to do what works best for you. I try and be as discreet about it as I can and never had any issues, I’m nursing number 4 currently.

I carried a taser in my diaper bag if anyone had something to say I’d give them a quick answer


You can breast feed in public without showing your whole breast. Get nursing bras and wear clothes that will be easy excess to your breast without total removed.

Good nursing tops make a huge difference.

Get some nursing friendly clothes! And the two shirt method. Lift top shirt up and your covered both ways!

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Tank tops under regular tops keeps your tummy covered on the bottom and your breast covered on the top I usually lean forward in snap pull my breast out of the tank and bra leave my over shirt down for the most part until I am bring baby to the breast. Nursing tops. Also instead of covering baby you can just lay a burp cloth or receiving blanket over your breast at the edge of baby’s face.

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