Thoughts on C-section vs. vaginal birth?

I have an option to do a c-section versus vaginal birth with my second due to the conditions of my first labor. I’m undecided, but I have time. I would like to hear some opinions. Thank you.


I think vaginal is always ideal but you have to do what’s best for your physical health


Ultimately it depends on the birthing conditions and your personal preference. Recovery time for a c-section is a bit longer. Will you have help with both of your littles during that time? A lot of things factor in.

C-section it’s much more calmer when organised and not an emergency one.
Just my opinion
Good luck mumma

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I’ve done both and I would rather do vaginally. The recovery for a C-section is hard especially since you have a newborn baby to take care of. On top of the fact that it’s a major surgery and anything can go wrong.

I would do whatever is the best/safest for you and your baby.

I had my 2 kids vback and plan on the same with the third. In the end it all comes down to what’s best for the baby per the doc. Always be open to either depending on the situations that arise

Team c section all the way.

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I’ve had a virginal then a c section then another virginal I’ll go virginal over c section I hated not being able to do anytging for 6 weeks

I lovedddd getting my c section it was fast an easy an didn’t feel a single thing but the gas pains after are just as bad as contractions

I had a TERRIBLE recovery after my c section. I would definitely say vaginally

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my first was an emergency c-section. im pregnant with my second and this is a planned c-section with tube removal. it feels so much better bc i dont have to be induced or anything that happened with my first

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I went with a second C-section my doctor also explained risks that come with trying to have vaginal birth after c section.

1st was a c section 2and epidural 3ed vbac no meds.

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If I could go back and change my choice…I would have never chose another csection.


Im c section all the way

I had a scheduled C-Section. I’ll go to my grave never having had to experience a birthing contraction, and I have zero regrets. Lol.

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Due to health problems Drs didn’t want me doing vaginally. Had to do c section and the me it wasn’t that bad I was up the very next day tried to get up that night but hubby told me no.

I recovered from my C section faster than I did my vaginal delivery…I think it all depends on you

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Vaginal if you can .