Thoughts on facebook dating?

Hi Momma…I joined Facebook dating…tired of being alone, but I’m nervous! And I have a few questions… the guy that I’m talking to that I think I like works nights and gets off at 3 a.m., so I suggested we meet up for breakfast. What do you think? Besides Facebook dating, is there another dating site that I don’t have to pay to find a date just in case I need a backup site Facebook dating is very thin on decent guys, I think? And how are you handling meeting someone from a dating site during Covid…I mean, of course, I wear my mask, and I live with hand sanitizer, so with that being said… and the guy that I’m thinking about meeting it’s about 30 to 45 minutes away, should I offer to meet halfway or?


Sounds dangerous and the beginning of a lifetime movie of the week.


I met my fiancé off tinder. Just be safe about it.

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I met my x off a dating site. We were together 10 years. I would offer to meet half way, after all it is the first meeting. Dating sites can be great tools to bring people closer or give someone, someone to talk to BUT can be dangerous. Just be careful, ways tell someone where you are going so if heaven forbid something happens they have a starting point.

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I met my current on FB dating i drove the 30 min to meet him, we were both amazed it seems we’ve known each other forever and only just met. It felt like I came home. Now were inseparable. Just make smart choices.

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As a crime junkie i suggest if you do meet up turn on your location & let someone know where you are at. If you leave update that person. Also turn on your phone SOS system.


Met my hubby of 18 yrs off very old AOL. Meet in a public place breakfast sounds fun

Internet dating can be hard but if you do it safely then you should be fine. Meeting for breakfast is a great idea with his schedule. Just tell someone you trust where you’re going and when. Then tell them you’ll check in by a certain time.

I think church is better place … lol

I personally don’t like Facebook dating … I’ve met a few decent guys on there but several creeps. And if you say “no” to someone there’s a high chance that you’ll see them again a day or two later. I like bumble! You match with guys, and it’s up to you to message them within 24 hours. It’s always your choice. Also has video chat and call options. :blush:

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I met my husband of 7 years (will be 8 in May) on okcupid.

I take my own vehicle from eat off and second I bring backup just in case I was meeting a phyco hell when I first meet my husband through a mutual friend I had my pocket knife open the whole time just incase he acted stupid :joy:

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I didn’t even know FB had a dating site. I said be careful, meet in public places till you feel comfortable meeting somewhere more private.

I met my husband on meetme

I met my husband 7 years ago on POF, I found out I had mutal friends with his sisters and it made me feel a little better about it. But I had met others online prior to him and it went fine. Just be safe. Always tell someone where you are going and leave if you feel uncomfortable.

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I did eharmony with amazing results. But as far as safety- Just meet in public the first few times. Check all the registries. Def Google a person before it gets serious. Etc. Good luck!


Always have a friend go with you sit at another table where y’all can see each other . Always be safe meet in a public place . Good luck . All I have had is trying to get me to be a fwb and a hook up with ain’t going to happen . Good luck be safe tho

Theres pof, cupid,bumble you can try as long as you two dont make out I think mask and hand sanitizer is fine lol i would meet half way to be courteous since he works late…its tough being single and dealing with covid so sometimes making a buddy helps pass time see where it goes dont have an expectation and you’ll be fine

I met my husband on a chatroom WAY before all these dating apps came out. It wasn’t even a dating chatroom just an in general every day chatroom. I don’t have any experience with any of these other apps but I know a ton of people that have had success with POF if you’re looking for something else.
And yes, I’d offer to meet halfway. As for the COVID stuff I’ve really avoided people because we’re a high risk family but for an everyday person wear a mask and use hand sanitiser and you should be ok.

I met my husband on plenty of fish! We have been together for 6 years and married for almost 2 years!