Thoughts on getting babies ears pierced?

Thoughts on ear piercing what age My daughter is 2 months old I dont want to put her through pain


As it is purely cosmetic, I would personally wait until my child could express whether or not it is something they would like to have.

I waited until my daughter was old enough to ask for it. She was only 4, but she did great!

I dont personally think a child ears should be pierced, it’s a body changed that should only be done when the child decides on it themselves. I had mine done at 6 months and was forced to keep them until 6 when I chose to stop wearing them until I turned 15 and wanted them done again.


I’ve had mine done since I was 2 if I’d had a girl I would have hers

Have it done with needles not the gun. Sometimes pediatrician will do it, otherwise look around your area.


The younger they are they heal better as well , because they aren’t playing with them. We had my granddaughters ears pierced at 1 month old.

Let her tell you she wants it 🤦


Mine were pierced very young (less than 2 months) and I have no memory of it. I just always wearing (and loving) earrings.


How about letting her decide one day if she wants them pierced? I did with my daughter.

Do it now mine cried for maybe 5 min and was done no infections she couldn’t mess with them best time to do it or when they get older they might get to scared to get them done and they can always choose to take them out if they don’t want them

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I feel If it’s not your body then don’t do modifications on it.


Brutal, I let my daughter tell me when she was ready

Professional piercers say not to do it before 2 years of age. Also not supposed to do it before 4 month shots. There immune systems are not strong enough


It’s wrong on every level :see_no_evil::roll_eyes:


I use to pierce ears and let me tell you now is the time to do it. She won’t remember it and it is ALOT easier to take care of them when they are that little


Then don’t lol let her decide for herself when she’s plder


It’s going to hurt no matter what age you do it at, it’s a piercing. I actually got my daughter’s done when she was a newborn too, and although she never had any problems with it, I regret it. I now know that you should wait until they’re old enough to ask for it. Body modifications on children are wrong, I’ve since apologized to my daughter for not knowing that then.

Personally no. And when you get them done please do NOT go to anywhere that uses the piercing guns. They’re so unsanitary and cause way more pain. Wait until your child is old enough to go to a real piercing shop and get it done with proper sanitation standards and proper tools. Other than that wait. Babies do not need earrings they server zero purpose


Body modification on a baby? Why would anyone hurt their kid for a little bling? Wait til they are old enough to request it for themselves.