Thoughts on getting your tubes tied right after birth?

My dr asked if I was interested, which I am. I’m due in April with a little boy. I already have a two-year-old daughter. I know for a fact I’m DONE having babies lol I’m not interested in ANY birth control recommendations I was just interested in any input on getting tubes toed directly after birth. Did it make a recovery better/worse, did you bleed more/less, was the pain any different? I’ll be having it done within 2 hours of having my son.


Following! Wanting the same done

I had mine done a few hours after my daughter. Nothing was any different other then the incision hurt a bit. Just kept that clean. Other then that it was the same healing process!

Have the same question I’m going to be having a scheduled C-section in April and getting my tubes removed so I’m curious as well

I had mine done a few months later so I can’t speak to immediately after birth unfortunately. The recovery I had went very quickly with just a weight restriction for a few days

Both of my births were c section after my second c section with twins they did it while I was already opened I had no different symptoms and recovery was the same .

Following because I’m having my tubes removed in april after my second little man is out :two_hearts:

I’m due in a few weeks and I plan on getting mine tied while I’m in the hospital.

I had my done the morning after and nothing was different for me

My sister had hers tied after she had her second kid and she said that she’s glad that she only had two goes through Labor and then had the surgery and be done instead of having to heal from the labor and then go back and have the tubes tied

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If you do it right after birth, your organs are more accessible and they don’t have to use the gas etc. to get to them. Much easier was my understanding. I was supposed to have mine done right after birth but ended up having to wait 6 weeks because my dr. Was on vacation. Recovery was a breeze though.

I got it done about 4 months ago directly after a c section. The recovery was slightly more painful and a little bit longer than my 2 previous c sections. I’m not sure how it feels after a vaginal birth but can say it was only slightly worse. Totally worth it though!!

I had mine tied the day after I had my son. Idk about everybody else but I was in alot of pain for at least 1 week after

I had a c section so they did it then

The best time to have it done!

I had mine done at 6 weeks. Normally cramping but for me it was the belly button one that hurt the most.and took the longest to heal

got mine done after c section, glad I got it done no more hormones’ or pills or condoms to keep from getting pregnant again. No changes in the body all the same

Your giving birth, and having a major surgery.

I did it after my second right there during c-section. I regret it I was only 27 at the time. She is now six and I regret not having the option. Not to mention my periods are horrible and heavy ever since to the point where I have had to actually be put on birth control to regulate and bleed less

I would like to have mine done right after birth but I am being told to wait 6 wks to have it done