Thoughts on going to school to be a pharmacy tech?

Hi, I was wondering anyone here went to school for pharmacy tech? How do you like it, and how long was schooling for it? And we’re you able to get financial aid? I’m in Tucson, AZ, and was looking into it, but I’m not sure what school to go to? If I should do a community college or they have like a Pima medical school lol I know this is weird to ask just wondering


I didn’t go to school for it. I was working at Walmart in the jewelry department and the pharmacist would always walk by and say how much he would like for me to be in the pharmacy. I did all the training. And then if I wanted to get certified they would reimburse me the money it cost to take it

It depends on your state

My sister is a store manager at CVS (in Ohio). Their pharmacy trains new techs, no school needed.

If you need/want certification before applying for jobs its only an 8 week class. At my local community college that 8 week class costs $800.

You may not have to go to school for it. Im a tech for Walgreens. I started out as a cashier 6 years ago. They trained me. I just became a certified tech last year

Don’t pay for the scam School’s! Walgreens will train you and pay for your certification.

I was a tech for Kroger for about 9 months. It’s okay. You stand literally all day sometimes in one spot depending on the pharmacy. It’s a lot of memorizing different drugs and drug interactions. To me honestly it wasn’t worth the pay. UNLESS you can get in with a military clinic or hospital they pay way better.

First, look at your states requirements, if there are any. In Michigan you have to be licensed and as of this year you are required to go through an approved program. The training that rite aid and Walgreens do on the job is considered approved training as well. There are some programs that offer to cover the costs of going to school for it. You just have to look and see what is offered locally. I chose to look at schools that offered certification programs. The local community college offered a short program and it was super affordable BUT upon further investigation it was lacking a LOT. I chose to go with a private company that offered both a pharmacy tech program and a CNA program. Their program cost significantly more but it also offered IV training and had a mock pharmacy that included an IV hood. I’ve only just started my journey actually working in the field but I found the education to be well above other programs that were offered and during my internships I thoroughly enj,oyed working at the local hospital’s pharmacy. Our instructor also made sure we knew ALL the options for us. Not just retail pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. She took us on “field trips” to several hospitals, long term acute care facility, county jail (yes they have a pharmacy too!), nuclear pharmacy, and large specialty pharmacies that ship to your home or to nursing homes and such.

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In my state you didnt have to go to school to be certified by the company you work for. I worked for several years as a tech and was only certified through the company. In my state I could just go and take the national test without schooling first. I would definitely look into it. We had people come in who had went to school for it and they didnt have much more knowledge than I already did working there for a year. They would also complain because they didnt make enough to cover their student loans. I would definitely see what your state requires and how the pay is in your state before trying it. For me, although I loved it at first, it wasnt worth the stress it caused me.

I work at Walgreens. They taught me and paid for my certificate

I guess this has become the general bullshit page… just saying for a friend.

I worked at cvs and Walgreens as a tech. You don’t need to go to school because it’s super easy and you can be trained. We only ever hired one person with it before.

I went to school for pharmacy tech at Virginia college back in 2010 I was able to get financial aid but I went to a technical college

Pima has a good program and they have financial aid. Most community colleges require you to take general education classes first before your major so you’d graduate with a 2 year degree

My sons BFF just finished a trade school here in CA for pharmacy tech and he said it was I think 12 or 18 months. He is now working on getting a job in the prison system.

I went in 2013. It was a condensed class that started in September and ended in may. I got a grant that paid for mine completely. I’d say find a place that you feel fits you and is affordable. That’s the biggest thing. You’re going to learn the same stuff.