Thoughts on having a facebook baby shower?

I’m just curious if anyone has any experiences or thoughts on this idea someone gave me the other day. I am currently pregnant with baby #4, and it’s a girl. It’s been eight years since I had a girl, so we don’t have anything at all. We’ve been talking about having a baby shower, but with most of my family living out of state, it would be difficult for them to come. So, someone suggested I do a Facebook baby shower where I would make an event for it and post my address and links to my registry/registries, and people can ship stuff to me directly. Then I would do a Facebook Live or post a video of me opening everything. Has anyone had a shower like this or knew someone who has? What are your thoughts, mamas?


I did this! I couldn’t fly due to being high risk. Did a registry and made a cute little poem about mailing gifts. I lived across the country at the time as well. Was very successful! I just didn’t do a video…

Never heard of this but I’m down cause my husbands family live in SC

Hmmm never thought about this or heard of it it was 8 years since i had a baby to and mine was twins… I started buying things the second i found out i wish i woulda heard or thought about this…

I’ve never heard of but it sounds like a good idea!!

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To each their own but not for me.


My last 2 babyshowers I did a fb invite for my babyshower and posted links to my registry. Family members that couldn’t come let me know oj there and those that could let me know there as well. Some sent gifts from my registry . I didn’t go live but I did upload photos thanking everyone for their presents, presence, or well wishes


Cute idea if they can’t give you a gift its hard sometimes to ship maybe gift cards would work too.

I wish I had done this. As the stress of it all put me in hospital the morning of. The he said she said Bull shit for set up and then because it was meant to be easy and simple no one took photos. I have nothing but 2 photos with 1 person for the whole event. I was very disappointed.
Also if you do a registry post it to a group or 2 they tend to buy for people as a act of kindness.

It is RUDE to give yourself a shower. This just screams “all I want are gifts”. Rudest thing I have ever heard of


If it’s something you and your families would enjoy DO IT! I think it sounds sweet. Regardless of what anyone’s opinion is just do what’s best for your family :heart:

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Sounds like a good idea.

We’re a military family so we’re never near family or friends. We did this in 2017 when I was pregnant with my daughter.

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at least your willing todo a video. I think it’s great.

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Well, i dont send gifts if i cant go on particular event…

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I wish I had thought of this. I didnt have a shower with either of my babies, because I didnt think anyone would physically go, but I feel like people could watch a live real quick.


Sounds like fishing for gifts, which I personally find as tacky as the “If you want to bless me, here’s my Cash App” posts. It seems very impersonal and not a true celebration. It’s a veiled Go Fund Me ask.


I just don’t ever see these having like as big of a turn out as momma’s want and then their feelings get hurt. It’s the same with every baby shower, virtual or not. People just don’t show up for stuff anymore. I’ve never seen a Facebook shower with more than 3-4 gifts sent to the mom. If you can do a traditional shower, OP, do it. People are more likely to stop at Walmart on the way than they are to actually buy the stuff off your registry. It’s just sad facts.

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This is amazing!! I would definitely do one!

Sounds like a good idea since you don’t have family around you