Thoughts on having a getaway bag?

I’ve had to have a getaway bags & box. Important documents or copies. A few outfits, underwear, socks, a blanket, and comfort stuffy for baby. Toothbrushes, and paste, hairbrush. Start saving money in the bag. A burner phone and Phone charger, save numbers you must have in that phone.

Do not just try to leave. You have to make a plan. Attempting to leave spur of the moment can cause a great deal of chaos. Know of safe places to go. Family. Friends. Shelters for abused woman & children. Know at least 2 routes to each location. When you leave make sure to leave your regular phone take the SD card, or if it’s an iPhone have your iCloud information and back up your phone prior to leaving. The main priory is to get you and baby out safety, quickly and quietly.

If you’re suspect of what’s happening around you, trust your gut. Don’t wait for something bad to happen. Things won’t change, they won’t get better. You and your daughter deserve better. You can do this alone, it may be hard at first but it’s worth it. I promise. If you need advice, someone to talk to, or help with planning. Please reach out to me if need be. I won’t judge.


Rent a storage and add things daily. Once you leave, you will have the main items

If you are in a DV situation please plan accordingly. The most dangerous time is when you leave an abuser. Please reach out to who you can prior. Have things lined up before. :heart::heart:

Please pm me if you need help

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Clothes and etc for u and ur baby.
Important documents
Just things u may need even if it’s a couple bags.

I’ve been in that situation. Leave now if possible! If you feel like there’s a reason to have one in the first place please leave!! There are so many resources/websites that can help for domestic violence.

I really hope your okay ! I would pack copies of birth certificates and your ID. Also diapers, wipes, non perishable food items more like snack foods, spare cash, 2 or so extra outfits, they have these toiletries kits you can buy that includes pretty much most of what you’ll need, any other legal documents you may need, any special toys that your daughter may find comfort in like a blanket or stuffed animal. I would also not keep the bag anywhere close by but maybe at a trusted friend’s house in case it were to be found. I dont know the circumstances that your in but always be on the safe side.


Personally, depending on what you drive & if there is a place for the spare tire, I’d put the bag under there where it can’t be seen so if whoever it is might see it and know you’re running away he won’t do something to you before you can get away.
Be smart. If it doesn’t fit in with the spare tire then put all important documents & money in there.
You can get more clothes.
Run when you can.


Personal stuff for you and your child that could last a few days or a week, important documents, snacks especially for the little one (biscuits, candies, water) because you will never know how long you’ll be on the road, cash, diapers or potty needs, medicine & first aid kit, a few toys so she’ll have something to keep her distracted. Please be safe.

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Clothes, blankets, non perishable food, water, cash, and copies of state IDs

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My thoughts are if you think you need a get away bag you need to go ahead pack and leave. :unamused:


Leave it with a person your SO doesn’t know. And do not leave a trail. Buy a pay as you go phone and put that with the bag. Make sure he or she doesnt have a GPS tracker on your phone. You may need to dump the phone.


Hypothetically yes. I would make standing arrangements with a friend or family member also.

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A change of clothes for each person. Comfy clothes that would also work as pjs. A couple diapers, contact case & solution, a day out to worth of Rx’s. Not enough stuff to raise suspicion, but enough to buy a little time. I’ve been in that situation with two little kids. Good luck to you

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If you need help finding a support system to help you get away feel free to reach out, and we can help find you the information you need to get away. Or even if you just need a listening and encouraging ear, reach out.

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Copy of all legal documents pertaining to you and your daughter. ID, socials, certificates, etc

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Personally I think if a get away bag is a consideration then you should go ahead and leave the situation


I read a few comments and agree with all. Only thing i haven’t seen on here though is CASH. Depending on the situation. CASH is a deff necessity if he’s in charge of money. Or your money is in his accounts. If it’s joint accounts. If X. Y. OR Z. cash is Untraceable. Un-freezable. And if all else is lost. You’ll need some type of cash/ money to pay for IDs HOTEL gas. Etc


I dont know what situation you are in but I just hope that you get out of it safely. :cry:


Birth certificates,social security card. Cash,checks If you have them. Clothes extra shoes. A knife,pepper spray and a phone book full of your contacts and a extra phone like the prepaid ones you get from Walmart. I’ve been there and this is what was in mine. Having the pepper spray actually saved mine and my children’s life,get the gel kind so in case it’s windy it doesn’t blow back at you.I also recommend getting you some pepper spray and hanging it on your car keys. Also I hid my bag in my trunk under my spare tire😉

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