Thoughts on having a getaway bag?

Include a list of phone numbers in your bag because you’ll want/need to leave your old phone behind and won’t have your contacts.

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If you’re thinking about it, then it needs to happen. You can setup a safe phrase to text a friend so they can alert police to your immediate need without rousing suspicions. If you pack a bag, hide it with your spare tire so they don’t know about it. Have two days of clothes, cash, all identification, and make sure you have made some sort of report to a friend about why you’d leave so your SO can’t petition that you’re not mentally stable and ran for no reason.


20s, start stashing money here and there in it, so you don’t have to pack food or gas. Hide it in the seams, folded up small. A paper phone book. A paper map. Last will and testament… just in case. Copies of registration, license birth certs and ss. Who to call in case of emergency. Spare keys to everything.


My go bag has 3 sets of clothes for each of us. Toothbrushes hair brushes ect and snacks for him. I also try to keep some cash. Copies of paperwork. Plus i wrote myself a letter telling myself that if I’m doing this and going this far then it’s the right thing to do.


I think If you need a get away bag in your car you must be in a bad situation so u need to go ahead and pack all of your stuff and get out it seems like that might be a good plan . Don’t put yourself in a situation that could get worse

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My mother died six months ago due to an abusive relationship. She was 48 years old and left behind four daughters. Please, if you have to ask this question, leave… NOW. Pack all of the things these ladies mentioned & find a shelter, a friend/family. Pick up and go. Everything can be replaced. Your life, and the safety of your children can’t. The heartbreak I go through every morning is something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Your kids need you. Please, leave. And NEVER go back.


In mine, I packed cash, birth certificates, socials, important documents, diapers and a change of clothes. I also had a second phone not tied to his account (throwaways can be purchased at Walmart, some gas stations, etc).

If you are thinking you might have to have a get away bag, you need to leave now


Birth certificates social security cards ids insurance cards prepaid debit card


Consider not leaving it in the car in case someone else finds it. Make sure to have pink slip for your vehicle, birth certificates, any kind of paperwork you would need to rent a place or get a job. Buy a cellphone like the ones with minutes. Make sure not to leave behind anything that might convince you to go back like heirlooms or things that are important to you.


Keep your paperwork at a trusted friends home, in a basic getaway bag keep a few days worth of clothing, some cash, diapers/formula, extra lovey, snacks, written down phone numbers for a shelter, friends, and family.

Get with a shelter and they will help you plan your getaway!

Some times in a abusive situation you cant just pack and leave. 3/4 of all domestic abuse killings happen as the spouse has left or trying to leave. That being said if you are in a situation that requires you to think what you may need to run you first need to figure out a plan. Do you have somewhere to go? If so how long does it take to get there? If you can pack items as such ids, birth certificate, anything with sentimental value you dont think you could leave without. But I will say this everything that is listed is just items and as such is replaceable. It maybe a bit troublesome to get all them again on your own but it would be impossible without you. Please leave as isolated and lonely you may feel you are not alone there is so many women and men who understand the struggle you are going through and built community’s to help be a voice of support, you can find a good amount online so everyone can have access regardless of location. I hope you are okay and I hope one day you will be in a place where you both are loved and cared for and most importantly safe.


Make a plan, where will you go step by step? Don’t tell anyone too much details about said plan.

If you can, slowly leave things at a friend or family members house. Even a coworker you trust. A neighbour. Or ask someone if they can help you pay for a storage unit.

Be extremely secretive and do not make anything obvious, don’t leave a trail. Use a backup phone to contact people who might be helping you.

Second, when packing said items (toiletries, etc), if possible buy new ones, even from the dollar store or maybe free from the women’s shelter. This person might notice your belongings disappearing and become suspicious.


  • Appropriate clothing & footwear
  • Toiletries & Hygiene Products
  • Backup phone with a backup SIM card
  • Copies of all paperwork/identification/health care info
  • If you can, get a secret safety deposit box at the bank and keep cash in there
  • Chargers
  • Snack items & water
  • Baby toys/items
  • Keep your gas tank full always

Once you are safe, file a restraining order.


Im sorry but my opinion is if u can go ahead and get out before you need the bag. If u feel that u may need it . It is your gut telling u. Be safe and im prayin for u

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If you even think of needing a getaway bag then you should already be gone. Especially with a child. Just get out now


If you are unsure, you need to get gone already. And I wouldn’t have to bag in the car. Maybe a trusted neighbor or friend house

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Get some money birth certificates and bank details change of clothing nappys blankets toys and go now ! Xx

Never leave the bag in the car.
Have a planned location, and leave it there to pick up with a trusted person.
If you don’t have a trusted person arrange with a DV shelter, they will store and wait for you.

Sending you all my love. Stay safe !


If you’re in a situation you’re unsure about you need to leave. Youre instincts are telling you it’s unsafe. If you need help leaving contact a DV (I’m assuming it’s domestic related) shelter/counseling service. They can get you out & in a safe place within minutes.

Hypothetically speaking a gun lol