Thoughts on having a VBAC?

What are your thoughts and experiences on a VBAC? Backstory I’m 23 weeks pregnant, and I’m thinking about trying for a VBAC. My daughter will be 20 months.


Do it!!! It’s possible!

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Definitely try unless there’s a medical reason not to. Talk to your doctor about. I tried and was unsuccessful. But, at least I tried

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I’ve done it twice. Best decision for me.

Do it I did it twice

Ive done it, no complications for me

I did it and it was a rewarding experience!

Whats the harm in trying?

Talk to dr. My dr told me no after my first one

I did it with my second child and had a second c-section with twins after that as well. My first was only c-section because she was breech position.

I tried and had great luck for both. Original Dr. discouraged it, so I went to a midwifery that partnered with a regional hospital, so that if it went badly, I had resources available.

My mom had a c-section with her second child and then 4 vaginal births. The first one was only a year after.

I had a section with my first then my other children been natural :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends on the reason for the first csection. Most doctors won’t agree to do a vbac. And it hasn’t been very long since your last csection. You need to talk to your doctor about it and look at all the risks. They should have already started discussing a plan especially if they want to do a repeat csection.

This is a question to ask your OB, the time frame is okay, but the risk of uterine rupture does go up! Your hospital also may not be VBAC friendly because they may not have the resources in case God Forbid something happens to you or baby. Let me see if I can find the page so you can follow and check out other moms stories and hear from women who state everything based on evidence!

Here is the group if you are interested in following !

They might let you but as it’s been such a short time between pregnancies I doubt it. They recommend waiting 2 years in between each pregnancy.

I had a VBAC 21 months after my c-section. No issues at all!

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Isn’t another C-section safer for the baby? I honestly don’t know. I had an emergency c and plan on having a scheduled one with any future babies. My labor was very difficult, baby got stuck in the birth canal, nearly lost him to fetal distress. Why not just do the c section and save all the trouble? What’s the benefit of vbac?


Ive had vbac with my third baby, after having csections with my first two. I told myself if My water breaks on its own, its a sign to try natural. i got to the hospital in the morning and after 17 hours of labor, I had my baby girl naturaly. The epidural didnt take effect on me, i felt everythiiiing. Recovery was faster, still painful but i was able to walk on my own right after.

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