Thoughts on home daycares?

I’m considering putting my child into an in-home daycare for more attention. He isn’t doing well in the daycare he is in now. Any thoughts?


My boys were both in home daycares oldest till he was 5 youngest until we moved where we didn’t know anyone. It worked out well for us and the care givers we were lucky to find still love our boys and are apart of our lives to this day and my oldest is 17 youngest is 7.

Grannie care is the best and should help bpth

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If you find a good one they are amazing. Unfortunately there are plenty of not-good ones. Make sure they are licensed, insured, you are comfortable with the home and neighborhood, and of course any other family that may be in the home while your kids are there. My boys have been going to the same in-home daycare since my oldest was 6 weeks old. They are family to us.

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My daughter is in an inhome and I work in a school setting daycare. I personally like both but my daughter LOVES HERS . She even calls her daycare lady grandma instead of by her name . She loves her . Just like I have kids that hug me at my daycare and say they love me ( and I love my students) its about finding a good one though and one that fits with you

I’ve always preferred in home. I have had 2 different ones that have been great.
Only reason I left was due to moving or distance to new jobs.
I am sure there are those that are bad. Follow your instinct, if you visit a home and it makes you uncomfortable don’t take the chance!
But I’ve also had a good experience with public daycare as well.

Unfortunately a lot of in homes don’t follow licensing rules as closely as they should there also is no accountability because you usually have one maybe two people there. So if something happens you’ll be hard pressed to get the truth out of them. Maybe look for a center with a smaller class size?

My youngest was in a home daycare until he started pre k. It was cheaper and more one on one and I loved it. In Florida they can only have so many children

Make sure it’s a licensed and insured in home daycare. May people go this route to try to get around licensing, regulations, and insurances. Also be aware that your child might not get much more attention than they were getting in a center. There are still multiple children per person working the in home daycare which spreads individual attention very thin. That being said, there are some truly amazing in home daycares out there.

If you want truly one on one attention for your child, consider hiring a nanny. This will give your child undivided attention and personalized care.

I had a home daycare for 4 years. I loved every minute of it, until I didn’t. My kids were 4 and 2 1/2 when I decided to go back to work. Watch and make sure that person is on the beginning phases of home daycare and not the end. I got burnt out. And it wasn’t fair to the kids. It didn’t last long, but when I knew I was ready to be done, I was. I got that opportunity to raise my kids from baby to toddler. Made me feel comfortable being home with them and I made money! 2 things:. 1. Look for burn out, stress, or forgetfulness. Signs of struggle. May consider someone else. 2. How many kids are in the daycare. If she has any more than 2 babies under 1, I wouldn’t trust it. Unless she has help. That’s alot and the reason why I only accepted 1 baby at a time. Any questions, ask me. Good luck!

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In home is all I’ve ever had my kids in. Because I work insane hours it was best. Just watch your kid for signs they don’t like it. I have a sitter I’ve had for years and she’s like a grandmother to my kids. They are out there I promise

I love love love mine.

Ours has become family. :heart: We are very lucky!

My sister adores the in-home daycare my nephew goes to. The provider is like family to them. If you are in the US, contact your local CPS/DHS/DCFS, whatever you have and they can tell you what daycares they certify.

Home daycare was our best choice. Were all life long friends now.

Mine is a retired elementary school teacher and we love her. My 20 month old knows her ABCs and how to count to 10

You’ll know what’s right for you and your family.

It just depends in the daycare. Make sure u drop in at random times without notifying the owner. My kids were in a home daycare and at first it was great but the lady was way too strict and it seemed like the older she got the less patience she had. One day she called me to go pick up my son cause he got in trouble. When i got there he was in the living room by himself. He got in trouble because he asked for more syrup!!! WTF!!! Needless to say after a few choice words and for fear of beating the c#$& out of her we left and never went back. It was ridiculous. The next day she called back asking why he wasn’t there. I hung on her. Oh amd I reported her too but unfortunately she wasn’t shut down. I think she is closed now. Oh and of course she had favorites and favorite parents!!! So just be on the look out for certain things. It will all work out for you!

I’ve used both. I prefer the home daycare setting over the facility. It feels more like home, obviously. There are less kids, and you really get to know the sitters on a more personal level. They are actually a little cheaper where we are from also. DHS has a list of home daycares along with their star rating. I went to a few before I chose the one I sent my kids to.

We love our home daycare. But be extra picky. The first home daycare we took my daughter over charged me. Then her son bit my daughter and she denied it… The second one ( which we use now) is absolutely amazing. Our kids love her