Thoughts on home daycares?

Also with in home carers take into consideration when the carer or their own children are unwell or unavailable for any reason, ie an emergency or personal event, there may not be a back up option for you/ your child also their hours and availability in school holidays etc.

Get references. I keep kids in my home and do so because it scares me to leave my own with someone else. When you choose one ask your kid a lot of questions and please question the caregiver when he tells you anything is amiss. But always believe him unless they have a good explanation or reason for any bad behavior towards him. Ask to observe for a day or for a few hours!

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How long has your child been in the current center? It takes 4-6 weeks or more for a child to adapt to a new environment. Especially, if they’ve only been around you. Also, tell him he’s going to school/daycare, whatever you want to call it. Tell him you’ll be back, don’t sneak away. Start out coming back after a short time and then add time. Eventually, he will adjust.

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I have a playground in front of my building. I work from home and I see from time to time a “home daycare”
Groups (~4kids + 1 adult) which are stopped here for a small break on their way… and there were a couple of times when I had to go out on my balcony and screamed on the “child keeper”. Why? Because that women screamed / shaken/ pushed / left kids alone/ were very rude/ checked their phones/ didn’t watched after small kids… ( something kids are super small like even less than 2)… you have no idea how looks a “normal day” of those kids…I have 2,5yo and I think that playground is not for such a small kids and I never let her play there without my company/control. After what I see I would
Never put my kid in home day care - there is nobody who can control the babysitter!

I love my inhome day care provider. She gives my 1 and a half year old way more attention then my 6 year old got when he went to a facility when he was younger. Depends on the person. Better if you know them personally… I know my daycare provider personally and she is a doll…

I’d opt for home but would only do it via the recommendation of someone who has personally used that particular place

Some in-homes are great. But others are traumatic. My friend has one and the state can be really strict on the policies. But they don’t always check in like they’re supposed to. But I feel the kids get more attention because they usually have less kids. But definitely do research on the specific home and ask for inspection results and even check with the county’s business board to see what reviews they have.


My daughters go to a home daycare now and I love my provider she is absolutely amazing and my daughter’s love her especially my now 1 year old who normally never goes to anyone besides mommy and daddy took to her right away I love it. Everyone has their own experiences but mine has been great and I have had my oldest two in big centers and had great experience their too but lost their spots so I had to find new care

I am absolutely terrified to do that. I have heard horror stories and you really just don’t know what goes on.

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I would be cautious with who you send them to, make sure you know them or the very least they have good references.

I went to both regular daycare and an in home daycare. Between the two I preferred in home. Daycare workers often seemed to care little for the kids and more for the check. They didn’t care for me or if I was having a bad day. The in home daycare I went to was much easier and smaller and I knew everyone in the home before I started going.

If your child doesnt do well in a facility then in home should be something to consider.

Please look into it and ask around. My MIL runs a FDC and she is a total bitch (yes iv reported her many times and told parents ) she smacks, yells, and shoves/pulls them around! She puts on a nice smiley face in front of parents but once that gate is shut it’s a whole other story…

make sure it’s licensed.

When my son was little I pulled him from 2 dayhomes and he got “kicked out of another” then we finally found one that was a good fit. Been in the current one almost 4 years.

My granddaughter had her son in home day care there were to many kids do she now has him in Goddard School he loved it and so happy also learning so much he also gets breakfast and hot lunches just a thought

Daycares are the scariest thing ever when I was a child my mom put me and my siblings in daycare you gotta do what you gotta do I understand but if your gonna look for a at home daycare look into it carefully because when me and my sister were little we were put into an at home daycare and there and he was a male sitter and he would touch us in inappropriate ways and spots when all the other kids were taking naps we never told our mom still haven’t. But thankfully we switched when my mom found a woman sitter for us and she was the best still have her on Facebook after many many many years!


I had best experience with our home daycare… she was state government guidelines…we still keep in touch and my girls are teenagers now

I’ve never had good luck with daycares unfortunately. Sitters aren’t reliable either so right now I’m home with the kids

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Either parents love it or hate it … my mom has an in home daycare and the kids that tend to stay for very long times are the parents that love the “grandmother”
Type of daycare setting. She loves them all like her own

I put my son in one and to my Mothers advice sent along my daughter who was 6 years older! Thank god…as soon as all the kids were dropped off the sitter took away all the snacks n lunches moms sent with their kids the lady locked one child in a room for crying she sat and watched tv most of the day and didnt give any snacks made kids jelly sandwiches and made kids sit in a circle no toys! Made Me Sick!

My sister owned a home daycare however she was also a government licensed daycare so she was able to provide more one on one but also gave parents peace of mind that she followed government guidelines. Only kind of home daycare I would recommend