Thoughts on home daycares?

My sister has a in home day care and she is absolutely amazing with them. She does holidays, birthdays and crafts. Right now she is helping them with remote learning so parents can work

They cool just make sure the sitter is on their shit

Love it ! My daughter is more comfortable there too


Are u serious I was a g at 30 and loved high :high_heel: as GP we put our time all ready .

I went to an in home daycare, my daughter goes to one now. She is the only child there. She does not get the interaction with other children as much as I would like, but she seems to do well when with other children when she does have the opportunity to play with others. The ladies at daycare treat my daughter just like family. This is good for her. We don’t have much family where we live and I am a full-time single parent. My daughter loves to go to daycare.

That’s what grandparents are for


Love mine. Make sure they’re licensed and check their records for and incident reports and how often if any they’re docked points. Love that it’s a smaller place to get more one on one time

Either route you take, look the address up on watch dog to see if there are neighbors or close people with CSC charges. I found a couple of home daycares that had neighbors right next to them with CSC charges, and not the kind you get for urinating in public.

The girl that has watched my daughter watched me and my baby brother when I was a kid. She is amazing. My daughter did so well there. Unfortunately she cut all part time kids.

I am a babysitter…I have parents now who have had bad experiences with other sitters…one kept a baby in the car seat all day, others randomly “couldn’t work” way too often. I’m not a teacher, but I also don’t ignore educational opportunities. We have all kinds of learning experiences, but its play based. My goal is to keep kiddos safe and fed and let them play. But my big thing is being reliable for parents. Apparently reliability is a big problem. I will only call off on short notice when someone in my house is sick. If I have to be out of the house for an appointment or something and my husband can’t watch kids while I’m out (he volunteers to help when he can), then I give as much notice as possible. With Covid, its hard. Right now we have 2 possible exposures that we are working around, but even so, I let my parents know as far in advance as possible so that they can be prepared if something happens. I suggest you ask for local recommendations. Listen to your friends about their experiences. Call around and ask. But a lot is based on timing too. I have been babysitting for 3 years, full time, and I have had families come and go for many reasons. But, I kid you not, when a space opens, it will be filled in 24 hours or less. Once i had a family tell me they were leaving and i had another family lined up within 15 minutes! I have NEVER advertised. Word of mouth keeps me busy. I try my best to work with families and that makes me someone who is in demand. They tell me good sitters are hard to find…and by the number if people I say no to, I must agree

I’ve put my daughter in a home-based care - max of 4 kids per home - there are visiting teachers who support the educator, etc. and my daughter loves it!

My daughter was in a center for 3 months and was constantly sick. I moved her to a home daycare and she thrived. Plus I got updates and pics throughout the day