Thoughts on kids having a TV in their room?

Who has TVs in their kid’s rooms? Do you worry about how much tv they’re watching? My eight year old wants one, and my husband and I are on the fence.


I plan on putting one in my children’s room but only hooked up to a DVD player so they can watch movies in there on the weekends Nd stuff

I put them in their rooms. But usually only use the TV in the bedroom once in a blue moon or to listen to amazon music. Definitely not to fall asleep watching etc.

We don’t have TVs in any of the bedrooms. We only have one TV in the entire house and we will go day without even turning it on.

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My son has one as long as he behaves. He will be 9 in a week. He doesn’t spend all day watching it tho he does other things as well… Just monitor how much he is watching if you are concerned.

I don’t agree in TV in anyone bedrooms

My daughter is 7 and has a TV in her bedroom but I think if I could go back and make a different decision I would have chosen no TV until she was much older. She has grown really accustomed to it and really argues that she needs it to fall asleep with at night. So I think if you do choose to let your child have one, just monitor screen time for sure :slight_smile:

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My son got one at age 10. He rarely uses it.

In my opinion there’s no reason a child needs a TV in their bedroom.


My three year old has one. Sometimes she watches movies to go to sleep. But mostly it’s for if shes sick and wants to stay in bed.

My 3 year old has a TV. He gets to watch about 4 hours a day but it’s more of kids music videos while he plays :blush:

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Mine had TVs in their rooms but they were only used for DVDs… they was not an antenna and we don’t have cable. They used them a lot at first to eat h their shows repeatedly. They eventually quit using them and asked us to take them out.

My kids (9 and 4) have had one in their room almost their entire lives. I take the remotes during the week (we have a no screens rule monday-thursday) and they are only allowed an hour or two each day on the weekend for movies/video games.


I have a TV in my boys room. They are 7 and 9. We just started letting them have one when all this Covid stuff started. We have a timer on the tv and it goes off a little bit before bedtime. I would definitely refrain from letting them fall asleep to it on.

We had a tv in my older girls room (5,7) for nap times we had the remote to a roku stick and put movies on for them but they recently asked us to take it out so they had more space

I have one in my 7 year room hardly watches it.

You can put a TV with a DVD player. I wouldn’t put cable in there.

Not in this house but to each there own.

My kids have one in their rooms but they’re hardly in their room so really only watch it before bed.

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Just put one in my 4yr olds room Friday. He can play his switch on his own tv, I can see him from the living room, he has a fire tv so I know what’s downloaded on the TV and what he has access to. It has helped him to stay in his own bed and not come crawling into mine with my husband and I at 3am. And he can watch something to fall asleep to in his own bed and I don’t have to move him to mine.