Thoughts on sending kids back to school face to face?

With all this COVID hullabaloo, how the school is done is confusing. What are your opinions on going back to school with face to face learning or going completely virtual with it? I have been having lots of anxiety about which to do.


Sending mine back… Face to face… My husband has cancer and is on chemo… We are doing what is best for our kid and that is going back to school… Building his immune system, teaching him more than I can…


My husband and I were certain we would be sending our son back to school this fall, but now we are not so certain. Some of the schools that have opened for in person are already having to shut down for a few days. We are now considering private school or homeschooling and will need to withdraw my son as soon as we make a decision.

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My senior is going back to school but his two younger siblings are doing online schooling.

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My district had the option of doing an online program with them or your own homeschooling or in person. But in-person held the risk of the unknown either completely in-person, hybrid in-person/online or completely online.
My children will be wearing masks (my rule) and we set up part of our basement for better at home learning WHEN that happens. It isnt a matter of “if” they will go online it is WHEN they will.
Just be prepared for what could happen.
My mom was talking to a teacher cousin of hers basically the first weeks of school they will prepare kids for online school all of the how-to’s.

I sign mine up to go back. The turned around and said remote for first 9 weeks. My daughter is disappointed. They need to go back for in person structure.

Im doing virtual. I’m not risking my kids catching this shit. Kids are gross and don’t understand how to be sanitary.

I live in a small town. My daughter has 15 kids in her whole class. She’s going back. She did not do well with online learning. She needs a teacher in front of her explaining it and answering her questions.


Mine are not going back. My 8 year old brings home everything. Im having a baby next month and want to make sure everyone is healthy for her.


Hell no not mine!!!

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I’m sending my son back. I’ve faced lots of backlash and people are putting it out as if I don’t love my son and it’s sad. Remote learning was a complete mess. My son is about to be 5 and is heading to kindergarten. Has an EIP, he’s special needs so he needs that face to face instruction that isn’t with me. My sons school has been amazing with having several virtual meetings, calling parents with any questions, concerns and overall scheduling plans. Not all schools are that on point and I’m lucky mine is. At any point I can opt for remote. Do what YOU feel is right.


we are virtual learning…i already work at the school…theres no way im sending my kids back


I had not choice but to send my kids back. They had a great plan on going back but a week later they shut it down.

As long as nothing changes, I’m sending mine back. Our state has been low since May/June. We are having a blend, 2 days(split alphabetically) in and 3 days of virtual but you have the choice of doing strict online. My 5 yr old is a little bit of a germaphobe, amazing with the mask(actually likes it) and distancing, she’s aware of everything that may happen and is okay with it. She has adhd, struggles in a few subjects and admits her school taught her much better than me. I will say I’m immune compromised and dealing with several diseases, so I also have no strength/energy/memory to do the online 8am-3pm every day.


Virtual. 97000 kids have already tested positive for covid in the last 2 weeks. KSL

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We are sending our kids back. Head start and 2nd grade. My husband works full time and I work at a school so will be going back to work when school starts. So the kids have to go back, can’t stay home by themselves. Plus, I think they learn better face to face than virtual learning. And they miss going. My 2nd grader has to wear a mask (as does all staff), lots of hand washing, and I hope he will be fine.

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My son goes back next month 5 days a week

I’m sending mine back. We struggled with online learning and I can no longer afford a babysitter as I still need to work full time.

My 3 are doing face to face. I’m at home with an 18 month old and almost 3 week old plus one starting college next week. For us it’s easier for them to go back to school vs doing virtual. Besides 2 of them it was hell just to get them to do their school work when school got canceled end of last school year. I have no patience for home schooling nor enough computers


My sons school is having the option of full time in school or remote learning. I’m doing remote learning for my son at least at the beginning and then we will see how things go.