Thoughts on the copper IUD?

Hi, I’m a mother to 4 children and do not want any more babies! However, I do not want to tie my tubes because I don’t want to be put through any kind of surgery. I am currently taking the mini pill for birth control because I am breastfeeding my baby and also have hypertension. I’ve been considering the copper iud as I’ve read that it’s safe under my circumstances … but wanted to hear if anyone has any experience with it because I feel so nervous about having something inside of me for multiple years. Thanks !


I LOVED mines! I can’t take any hormonal because of my migraines!

I don’t have the copper one but I love my mirena. Sometimes I can feel it during intercourse (this happens with more endowed partners) and sometimes my partner can too, but it isn’t every time and once you realize what makes that happen it’s easy enough to avoid.

My periods stopped, but mine has a hormone strip so that’s not always the case with the copper or paragard ones. Sometimes your periods may get worse with those.

I swore the first few weeks or so that I could feel it when I bent over or stretched weird but I think it was more in my head than anything else. I’ve had one for ten years now and will never switch back because I’m allergic to most of the pills. It helps keep things spontaneous with your partner, there’s no stopping to search for birth control, and no disposing of filled condoms after.

You have to be extra cautious about infections because the strings they attach for removal are like a wick. An std or regular pelvic infection can hit you harder, quicker, and worse than it may women without so if you’re prone to pelvic inflammatory disease or other internal infections, it may not be the best choice for you. Otherwise? They’re safer, more effective, and more reliable than about any other form except vasectomy and abstinence.

Good luck!

Dont do it I had to have removed within 2 weeks.

Try the depo shot! I was on it but it does have some pros and cons. Just read up on it and see if it’s something your willing to take on.

Its wonderful! Didnt have any problems. Bc it doesnt have hormones in it, u will have normal periods(ur body) if u get cramps, it will be the same.

Tubaligation is a simple procedure and not major surgery and can be done in an outpatient facility. Much easier than the side effects of IUD or birth control pills. Mine was done right after I gave birth.


I got an iud last month and have been bleeding ever since, getting it removed at my next appointment.

My body rejected IUD. I bleed the whole entire time I had it…

Don’t do the copper iud, my daughter had it and it messed her up lost her hair, gained weight etc… They had to surgericly remove it and gave her a 20 % chance of getting pregnant again.

It can cause heavier bleeding especially after giving birth. It just depends on your body. If it happens talk to your doctor. There is no weight gain so that’s nice. I have had mine for 6yrs and so far so good.


I had a iud ma y years ago and would not recommend it to anyone
The thing with least chance of side effects probably is the tubes tied ,why not talk to your doctor about this it is so much easier than it used to be .
The doctor could certainly explain the pros and cons of each methods

I had one years ago and it led me to a hysterectomy.

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I’d go with the plastic

I loved the Mirena. Had it 5 years with no problem!

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Get your tubes tied its no big deal and done in outpatient. Recovery time is short.


Getting your tubes tied is really no big deal. Very little pain and that was just bc I moved the wrong way and pulled a stitch. I pretty much did what I normally would do after surgery.


I had my first IUD for 5 years, removed it to get pregnant and conceived within 2 months. Now I have my second in and so far so good. No complications, no hormones, worry free for me

I had really bad experiences with this IUD. Heavier periods. Constant cramps. If you’re sensitive to certain metals it’s not a good one.
Getting my tubes tied was the best thing I’ve done.

I’ve had the mirena for 15+ years. 3 of them total about to get my 4th and it’s been awesome. Never a single problem. Stopped having my period all together with the last one. No cramping or side effects. Quick and relatively painless to have put in and changed.