Thoughts on the cry it out method?

Hey, I just wanted to see if any other momma has done the cry out method to get their baby to sleep in a crib, looking for pros, cons, and any tips you may have; my LO is seven months old


The cry it method is not suited for babies this age. They don’t understand why you are not being a parent for them. It causes neurological and mental stress to the baby because the baby doesn’t know why their parent isn’t coming to their aid and it causes trust issues with the baby. I don’t care what you do, but 7 months old is a little mean to have a baby wondering why their mother isn’t helping them… your baby spend 9 months to 10 months in your stomach never worrying about eating, always having warmth and when the are born that’s taken from them. Your kid needs you… and the cry it out metro d only teaches them my parent won’t be there when I need them or need a hug or need their comfort.

The cry it out method is for older toddlers. Babies co-regulate they do not know how to self soothe.


Not a fan. There is research to suggest that it increases baby’s stress levels. While it may be frustrating at times to get a baby to sleep on their own, they need help soothing and calming themselves.


It depends on the person and the family. Asking for opinions is going to get many people angry.
Personally I am against it no matter the age. I have an almost 9 year old, a 6 year old (in 2 weeks) and a 7 month old. CIO has never been for me and my family. I have held/rocked all my babies to sleep until they outgrew it. They are only little so long :sparkling_heart:


I adopted my son , and his bio family did not do a very good job of this from birth to age 3 , so he has an attachment disorder. I know everyone has a different opinion, but it would not be for me.


Never could do it s.i.d.s. was my biggest fear I woke up to everything until they were 2

Do your research. Cry it out doesn’t mean just let em scream. Sleep training is nothing like that. Some people say its mean but they get their info from their A**. So many books on it. Its amazing


Big no for me. I think it’s pretty cruel


7 months is far to young, my oldest (12 now) broke his cot before he ready for a bed, so we had no choice but to put him in a bed , he was over 2yrs of age, he hated the bed, he used to “cry” at his safety gate till he fell asleep, wouldn’t actually call it “cio” though


The cry out method is for children who can comfort themselves. A baby doesn’t know how and could possibly feel abandonment. Cuddle those babies. You can’t repeat yesterday.


Cry it out is different than sleep training. CIO is toxic and causes an increase in cortisol in your child. They don’t understand why you aren’t coming to pick them up, they just know you aren’t. They can’t self soothe like an older kid can.

HOWEVER, sleep training can be started around 4-6 months and it’s when you put them down and sit next to them. Each day move the chair further and further away while they sleep until you’re out of the room. Or you can put them down. Come back in two minutes and pat their back and comfort them. Then come back in 5, then 10, then 15, until they’re asleep. That way they learn to sleep independently but you aren’t leaving them to cry until they pass out.


It depends on the kid. My oldest and youngest wouldn’t have thrived on it. My middle daughter needed to scream sometimes. She’d freak the hell out if you even tried to sooth her and she didn’t need anything. She really just wanted to let it out. She’s 13 and sometimes still needs a good shrieking then she calmly says “I’m good now”. I really feel like she got over stimulated by people and it was her way of destressing and still is. She would just cry louder if you tried to hold her, sing to her, or do anything to help.


Imo nobody should cry themselves to sleep no matter what the age is


I haven’t let my children cry it out, but I have been fortunate enough to have kids that sleep pretty well during the night. Try a “white noise”, we turn on the fan & use a “baby shusher”. We also close the blinds so the lights from the building across from us don’t shine into his room. Sometimes if he’s really cranky we make him a bottle and that usually does the trick. Good luck, hope this helps!!!

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I personally don’t agree with it

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Never under a year of age do you do a “cry out method”

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I’m all for letting them cry…it’s good for their lungs. But there is a cut off point for me. When there so upset they can’t breath? Yeah that’s enough. But I find playing white noise, or inside the womb music, whale song Tibetan bowls, fairytales or silly songs really helps to settle them xxx

I did it for both my boys when they were 7-8 months old. Not true cry it out where you don’t go in at all but I would feed them their bottle, lay them down, and go in at times intervals for comfort until they fell asleep. Every 5,10,15,20,25 min. Gently pat and rub their back/belly and sing. Within a week they were both falling asleep on their own.


Nothing but cons for the CIO method.

All they know is someone is not going to get them.