Thoughts on the Makena shot?

Does anyone have experience with the Makena shot? What was your experience? My doc. Recommended I start the shots and approx. 1.5 hours after getting it, I started cramping. The doctor thinks it’s unrelated however, I had zero issues with cramping up until this point.

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I thought this was pulled off the market?

I had to get it every 2 weeks with my last pregnancy because I was high risk from my first, and my only issue was the arm I would get it in would itch SO bad, but I have a happy healthy 16 month old now

Never heard of it…im on the depo…But it doesnt cramp me. I just get painful sex and fat!:sob:

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I’ve had the shot every week starting at 16 weeks. I’ve been just fine with it. No reactions at all. I just stopped them last week at 35 weeks.

I got it every week with my last pregnancy because my first baby came at 28 weeks they hurt like a bitch but I carried full term the pain is worth the healthy baby

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I’m just now 20 weeks and have to take it until 37 weeks. No issues.

I didn’t have any cramping. Could it be you’re tensing up when the shot is administered? I know how painful and unpleasant it is. Try to relax and find a happy place before the injection. I found that helped the most.

I had the shot every week starting at 13 weeks with my last 2 pregnancies. They worked great for me with my second baby but I still delivered 6 weeks early with my youngest. I have an incompetent cervix

I always cramped a little after having them. I took them from weeks 17-35, every Wednesday. Because of covid, they actually just gave them to me and I just went into the office once a month to have them do one shot and give me my refills. I also found that after a few weeks, my arms itched so bad at the injection sites. I started taking my allergy pill (for allergies) and it also helped stoped the itching and the lump at the injection site.

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