Thoughts on your spouse constantly being at the bar?

Is it okay for a man to go to the bar and leave his family at home? And by family, I mean his fiance, newborn baby, and his five-year-old daughter.


We’re in a pandemic- so no. He shouldn’t be going to bars with a newborn at home.

But also, if it’s a nightly occurrence that’s a huge problem.


Of course not. Everyone needs time to themselves… But if he’s don’t this all of the time, he’s trying to stay away from something. Could be responsibility.

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Nope been there wasnt good

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How often are you talking every night, once a week, once a month? I think once in awhile its ok as long as you get the same opportunity to go out and unwind the way you want to.


Once in a while sure, all the time no. And with covid he probably shouldn’t be going at all.


You having to write on here and seek advice shows you it’s not right, you need to have a serious talk.

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No. I wouldn’t tolerate it.

What you allow, will continue.


Ummmm if its occasional than I wouldn’t have a problem as long as all safety measures where followed.

Constantly I would have a conversation with them as its not right for him to be able to get away and not you

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No it’s not okay!! Once a month maybe but I wouldn’t even want mine doing that

No that’s never good. Once in a blue mood for a night out with friends maybe but if it’s constant hell no

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Has he always gone to the bar or is this a new thing?
I think yes as long as he is offering for you to get some time with friends, or alone time as well. Also, depends on how often.

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Not a chance at all. Thankfully mine would never do that.
I would never do that as well.

That’s a big negative

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Umm if it’s literally every night more than likely he’s not with the “boys”…


The question is why would he want to?


Nope me and my SO go everywhere together but we like it that way

No. He needs to be home helping and spending time with you guys.

Depends on the individual relationship. If it bothers you, then it’s not ok. If it doesn’t bother you, then it’s fine. Same applies if it was a woman at the bar instead of a man. Also depends on the behavior at the bar.