Throwing a surprise baby shower and needing advice!

I’m throwing a surprise baby shower. I’ve never done one of these before. Do you give out favor bags as you would at the end of a birthday? If so, what do you put in there for adults, and what do you put in there for kids? I DIY-ed the invites and whatnot, and everyone loved those. So I know I’m handmaking thank you cards. What else would you put in the favor bags?


For my baby shower, we gave out bars of soap with a little tag that said, “Thank you for showering the little one with love.”

Ive been to ones with hershey bars with he or she colored in with marker (pink or blue) , ones with cookies or candies . We always have a diaper raffle or games for raffle tickets for gift baskets they can pick from. So favors were just goodies , some did satchels with scented beads etc.

At my babyshower, it was snowflake themed, the girls throwing my shower, bought fuzzy socks for favors.
I wouldn’t make extra favors for children, usually most babyshowers (ones I’ve been too) don’t involve bringing children.

If you have a theme, you can always try to make the favor match. You can check Pinterest for ideas.

If you’re having children there, you could do a favor that works for everyone. There’s so many ideas, like this one!


I’ve been to some that give away soaps, lotions ( either homemade or bought), notepads, as gifts for the games like baby bingo, name the nursery rhyme, or the Disney character, children’s tv show. My girls have always come with me if it’s a family shower or at church.

We found paper flowers with annual seeds infused in them. They grew great for the guests and were unique. Plant. Water. Flowers.

We did mini sweet pea hand sanitizers for my sister in law this fall, and has little stickers made that said “thank you for celebrating our little sweet pea!” It was super cute, easy and useful. Especially during this pandemic

We gave out cookies, and thank you for coming and a small jar of candy

Every baby shower I’ve been to had prizes for the games, but not goody bags per say. The prizes were typically self care type items like bath bombs, bath salts, face masks, nail polish, etc. Sometimes there’s been little gift cards, teas, coffees, candies, mugs, travel mugs. A lot of it was typically dollar general type merchandise.

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For my oldest we did a box with post cards on the outside and people would right nice things and give advice. It was sweet too go home and read over them

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At my baby shower/diaper party we gave out tickets to win a basket. We had a movie night basket, a night out basket and a campfire basket. Everyone that brought diapers or a gift got a ticket and at the end we pulled random names.

I did at mine. I had novelty pacifiers and homemade rock candy and what I call popcorn crack which is just kettle corn popcorn drizzled with candy melts and sprinkles in pink or blue.

I gave out mini hand sanitizers, pre-covid, but now I think they would be a great option.

Times has changed… Birthdays use to celebrate the person and showers for the mom. Personally, since attendees are not putting out the food spread, and deserts, I could never understand why they had to be given something for attending.


I’ve never been to a baby shower where games were played. I looked into when I gave my daughter- in- law a baby shower. I found that my guests were happy with food, fellowship, and gift giving. If you want games or gift bags, then go for it. I would just say, don’t feel pressured to overdo yourself.


Most showers provide snacks, drinks, cake, sometimes a lunch. Gifts are for Baby and Mommy. I wouldn’t turn a favor bag down, but certainly don’t expect one.


I’ve helped throw many baby showers. I always go with a favor that goes with the theme. I just threw my sister a shower in October. The theme was honeybees so for the favor we did honey jars with a wooden honey stick.

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