Tips and advice on getting pregnant?

I’m having trouble conceiving. I’ve never been pregnant. My insurance doesn’t cover fertility specialists. Is there anything that anyone has tried that has helped them conceive? I already use ovulation tests. But still nothing. Any advice would be wonderful.


Have Sex 2 Weeks After Day Your Monthly Starts

Wishing you well. I cannot get pregnant at all

Pregnacare fertility tablets!

Have sex every day. Lay there for a few minutes after

Wear a bracelet ( May sound crazy but its proven)

Intermittent fasting.

Just stop trying. Focus on something else.


I went on the Atkins diet to control my blood sugar and cut out caffeine. I got pregnant in 2 weeks after trying for six years and multiple fertility treatments including ivf none of those worked.

My doctor had me start taking prenatal vitamins before I started trying.

Have fun. Enjoy your partner. Once you stop actually trying it’ll happen, usually. Just relax and enjoy each other


OK so when I had my children 21 years ago insurance covered my fertility. I wasn’t until it I and conceive 2 children separately. About 3 years later as we were done having children I got pregnant all on my own. We weren’t using anything or no protection not to get pregnant we were worried about nothing and poof it happens

It has taken me 6-10 months w both of my babies. It just takes times some times. Also lay stay laid down after sex. I know that sounds funny but seriously just go to sleep… lol

All the pressure from trying won’t help :cry: take ur maturnity vitamins. I had 2 miscarriage and called it quits on trying emotional wasn’t ready for miscarriages and bam I got pregnant and made it past 8wks!! Gud luck it’s not easy for some :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs::pray:t3:


It may not be you. Just throwing that out there. Other than that I concur with everyone that says just relax and enjoy. What is meant to be will be.

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I was told by a specialist to have sex for 2 weeks after you period ends and stay laying down with your legs up for about 20 minutes afterward. Do not save up by not having sex in between because the sperm may die in your partner before they get to you. Staying relaxed never helped me. Fertility doctors do take credit cards

Pink stork fertility tea

Stop trying and make other plans for your life I tried for 3 years I stopped trying made plans for my life without kids then boom back to back pregnancies

If your insurance covers it get a hormone panel done to rule out PCOS or hormonal imbalances like thyroid.

Acupuncture works. Also try every other day while ovulating. After 6 months to a year of trying see the doctor.

Also get HIM Checked out sometimes its Lazy swimmers but we get blamed

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You can buy a test at walgreens to see if his little fishes are good. Also try the lube they have that is for trying to get pregnant

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