Tips for a picky eater?

I have a fan question how do you all get y’all picky two-year-olds to eat. My two-year-old is very picky and will only eat corndogs. I have tried sitting him down and not letting him get up. I have also sat with him and encourage him to try it, but he just won’t.


Persistence, and you have to be more stubborn than the child.

Kids go through phases. My son goes through phases where he will only eat certain things. Chicken nugget only phase, pepperoni only phase, tuna sandwich only phase, etc… I have taken him to his doc also just in case. He says as long as he is eating something it’s better than nothing. I also give my son pediasure suggested by his doc. Also he is the last of 5 children, who also had their phases. I wouldn’t worry so much, just make sure the vitamins come in from something else, you can do pediasure, multi vitamin, whole milk for the calcium, etc…

My daughter grew up eating Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. She wouldn’t eat much else. I gave her a multivitamin. She graduated with high honors and is going to college on a full scholarship. Quit worrying about it.


I have one of the pickiest eaters. I used to slave making him his own meals or go out of my way to get him what he wanted. Until I gave up. I told him you either eat what was made or have cookies and milk or cereal. He got bored of that and now he eats what’s made. Picks at it, but eats it.

My Grandbaby is like this & I dont recommend making him eat something he dosent want to eat. He may have textures issues & if that’s the case let him eat what he wants & when he’s ready to try other foods he will.

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My mom always made us sit at the table till we ate it all and also wouldn’t budge on giving us bad foods eventually we just got tired of being at the table and not eating so we ate and she also at a very early age introduced us to many foods, start by offering what he doesn’t like in small portions and ask him to at least take on bite and hopefully he will get the hang of it

I know times have changed my baby is 40 when he was little all he would eat was hot dogs I talked to dr about it he said if that is what he wants let him eat them

Yep they go through phases. Mine was one month Mac and cheese the next month eggs and then hotdogs to corn dogs. Just roll with it. It’s ok.

I talked to a doctor, he said that is normal. They won’t starve to death. Now when you offer what he wants only give him two choices otherwise he will get confused. The waitress will thank you, otherwise he may take an hour to decide. I had a daycare, for the TV time they only wanted Ninja Turtles OVER AND OVER AGAIN. They all do it.

Grew up knowing we had to try 3 bites of everything.

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I believe there is so much food in this world that you should not have to eat what you don’t like.

My son was like that would only eat hamburgers wouldn’t even eat pizza even as a teenager now he eats everything things I wouldn’t even eat

My son ate cheeseburgers for years when we owned and operated a small town restaurant. He is now 36 and lived through it the will be fine just try to buy as healthy as you can.

Not give him what he wants. Once he hungry he will eat. It might take a few weeka


My two year old used to be like this. And now I’m just super stern. I used to force feed him, and once he tried it he realized he liked it. And once he did eat my boyfriend and I would do lots of words and encouragement

Feed him just on holidays…lol

I guess i’m hard on my kids :woman_shrugging: they eat whats in front of them. If they don’t and want a snack later i send them to their old plate. You eat what is put in front of you or be hungry

My three year old is in what I hope is the same phase. Been for awhile. I encourage with things he really likes. If you try two bites you can have hot Cheetos ( kids love hot fries). He scarfs them down no issue. Tried making him taste things in different sauces as well. Patience is key. He started at about 2 and is 3 now and I’m still at war but I know when he starts school and sees other kids eating things and he doesn’t get options he will eat

Be patient and keep encouraging him to try new things. I also let my little help me cook; English muffin pizzas, mixing, pushing buttons on the stove. It made them happy to eat what they made.