Tips for brushing a toddlers teeth?

Any tips on teaching your little one to brush their teeth my daughter almost two and will only put the toothbrush on her tongue I’ve shown her how I brush my teeth and tried teaching her, but she won’t even open her mouth to put the toothbrush in I’ve also tried to used the baby toothpaste and show her, but she just licks off the toothpaste and throws the toothbrush.


I bought a spare toothbrush for my son to play with and he loves brushing his teeth now x

Use an automatic kid toothbrush.

We use the autobrush, only way I could get my 2 year old to brush hers

I always brush my 2 year olds teeth first and then I let him do it because he wants to be like his big brother. I just tell him to say ahhh and I go in. I tell him after Im done you can have it.


My daughter is 20 months old and I started brushing her teeth as soon as she started getting teeth. I’ve always brushed her teeth and then I tell her it’s her turn and she brushes them. She seems to like to do it herself.


They have a couple different types out there now…even if u can get a washcloth in there to wipe them off its better than nothing…especially before bed…maybe a small wet washcloth in the freezer for a couple min so its cold? Maybe she’ll like to chew it?

Electric toothbrush you can buy fun ones for kids that light up and sing

Get plaque tabs they color the plaque on their teeth so they can see when its brushed its clean

Powered toothbrush. The only thing that made my kids exited about doing it at that age.

Sounds weird to even say but the Blippi song about brushing teeth really helped my son.


Search Elmo’s brushing teeth song on YouTube. That’s what got my daughter interested. I brushed her teeth first and then let her do it. She’s almost 4 now, and she will brush her teeth and then I help her get the parts she misses. LOL

Most important thing is you do them. As she is still too young to do it properly. So you should always do it anyway. Keep it fun, sing songs etc… let her pick her own brush


Consistently working with them helps the process and the Frida 3 headed toothbrush is awesome! Hope this helps

There’s this toothbrush you just let them stick in their mouth and it does the work

Following. My daughter chews on her brush and she’s 2 1/2. My son refuses to open his mouth he’s 1 1/2

Make sure you are brushing her teeth first then letting her do it if she’s not brushing she’s going to get cavities


Typically a child doesnt have the dexterity until older… I usually tell parents when they can tie their shoes they should be able to perform effective brushing.:grin: it’s great to let them try and praise them but then mom or dad, etc should do the brushing and flossing for them.


My dentist recommends brushing your child’s teeth until they are 7. You can let her ‘brush’ before or after you she’ll probably pick it up on her own in time.