Tips for social anxiety?

Anyone in here suffer from social anxiety? What helps you? I didn’t know I had it until I looked up how I feel when I’m out in public, or anywhere honestly except for being home. It suck’s, I’ll cancel plans, not go to birthday parties, can’t even go to the store alone. Or if someone goes with me I still have anxiety but not so much, if I do go alone I’m in my car for 15-20 minutes contemplating about going in or just going home


Im the same way. I dont like to drive stores I dont do. As I got older it got worse.:disappointed_relieved:

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Im sorry your going through this. I wish I had some advice to give you but unfortunately I dont. You just described my daily struggle.

Go on a SSRI anti depressant for anxiety… Helped my anxiety 100%

Commenting on this to read responses later. I have social anxiety and don’t leave my apartment for weeks on end. The only time I leave is if someone is with me and that’s doesn’t even help honestly. I’ve isolated myself so much that I can’t do normal things like normal people. I don’t even answer the door i just pretend that no one is home and hope they go away. I know how you feel it’s really lonely and depressing to be this way.

Therapy and anti-anxiety meds


I was like that until i was “alone” for 13 yrs. Life forces us to get over shit cause aint nobody else gonna help you, but you!


Try some CBD oil…

Before I even considered Zoloft, I just made myself go into that store or wherever new, sometimes I went home… My anxiety affects my balance and breathing (I have fainted from it)…I just suffered and pushed through but finally I went on a low dose of Zoloft an I felt so much better, not having to worry about worrying …‘amazing’ I’m off Zoloft now, and idk if it’s being pregnant but I don’t give in to the anixety like I used to b.c I know me and my future daughter will be going to alot of stores and new places…Who knows what will happen later on in life but being open about my anxiety with myself an others ( even if they don’t understand) and talking to my doctor’s helped SO much.
Best of luck!

It’s paralyzing!! And mine got worse when my BFF moved away. I don’t have any friends to go do things with so it makes me isolate more. It’s a conscious effort to go to a store, work.

It affects everything I do

Agoraphobia I have & I use medical cannabis

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I’m the same way except I force myself to go to stores etc… I literally run through the store & never look anyone in the eye. Lol! In & out. I dread conversation even with my closest friends! The ONLY person I don’t get nervous with and I can be my 100% authentic self with is my mother. She’s 66 years young & my best friend! I fear conversations with people…so much so my brain literally shuts down, my vocabulary is limited & I cannot hold a conversation… like I have nothing to say even to keep it going. Then I get anxious knowing I can’t think of how to reply or talk & I shut down. I had viral meningitis in 2003. I was diagnosed with a brain injury, one side of my brain is slower than the other so I do put some of my vocabulary limitations on that but I was NEVER this way before the VM. I was outgoing, danced at the clubs with my friends…center stage etc. Now Im so scared of crowds & my self confidence is shook that I forgot how to dance! I went from being asked how I learned to dance the way I did to having 2 left feet!!! I danced my whole life & I hate myself now because of all this. It makes me depressed. I so much want to be one way but it’s like my body gets stiff & my brain shuts down. I’m in my own little cocoon! If anyone knows of anything, medication… anything please share… this is disabling & hardly no one understands. They say oh I get nervous too but I’m like ahhhh no. You apparently don’t truly get it. It’s a scary world when you live with SA!!! It’s not just shyness it’s disabling! :cry:

I used to have it really bad. I missed out on spending time with my family that I wish I could get back. Seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety meds plus ongoing therapy is what works for me. I still struggle to keep plans and can only stay out until I get a feeling that I HAVE to go home. But life is much better. I’m able to go out and enjoy myself without panic attacks.

It’s debilitating altogether. As I get older it’s gotten worse. I used to be the life and soul now I’m just an empty shell of the person I used to be. Your not on your own xx I try to shop at hours when I know it will be quieter. It’s so hard to put on a brave face when you would rather be at home under the duvet. Sending virtual hugs your way :heart:

I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I’ve been in the house now for a week without leaving. This time of the year is miserable for me. Lots of people doing their holiday shopping. Thank goodness for the internet

It really sucks when you have hyper hydrosis on top of it. The more u have anxiety, the more u sweat. Then you get self conscience about smelling, which causes anxiety which causes more sweating. Oh and then there’s being a sahm and being forced to go to the store bc its part of your errands. And then there’s the problem of not being about to start or hold a conversation which makes things awkward which makes u sweat. See the cycle?! That’s my life. And not even anywhere near done compared to everything else i deal with

Honestly, what helped me was smoking weed. I tried many meds from my dr and nothing helped buta couple puffs of high cbd strains did wonders.


I have it aweful even worse now that I’m 3 months PP. I panic aweful going anywhere. I refuse to go alone. I cant even do phone calls. I now panic over germs and my baby getting sick. I have panic attacks when I take him out. I’m no help on how to cope because I’m working on mine but just wanted you to know you’re not alone. Best of Luck.

Try reminding yourself that you’re not alone and there’s other people that feel the same as you