Tips on babysitting a child who doesn't really know me?

So my boyfriend and I are down at his sister house for the week and we’re house sitting and taking care of their babygirl, they had a business trip to go to.We don’t mind watching the house and the baby. Our problem is that the little girl, she likes to fight with us and a lot of it is the fact she doesn’t know who we are since his sister won’t bring her around anyone. She’ll come around us when we feed the animals and when I ask her where their food is at. She show me and even help. But when it comes to feeding her and even trying to give her a bath it’s a huge fight. We ask her if she want fruit or waffles, even juice and she’ll say no and give a little fit about it and yells when we leave the kitchen.I need tips because this is gonna be a long week


Shes checking her boundaries. Did the parents leave any type of schedule for her or can you ask for some tips?

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Ask her to show you how her mom usually makes her snack or meal or whatever. Pretend like you don’t know how a bath works and get her to show you. If she’ll help with the pets she’ll probably help with the other stuff too.


Give her two choices, as long as you are OK with either option. It’ll give her a little freedom and you will be happy with either choice.
That’s what I would do when I was a nanny


I wouldn’t be surprised she’s acting that was towards bathing her if she’s never met you before


Have parents talk to her over the phone

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She may behave differently if her parents aren’t around. Happens with most children

Text her parents and ask what she likes to eat

Ha it’s not that she doesn’t like you. It’s that she’s testing how far she can run over you. Second how old is this kid? The age makes a difference in giving advice. Third, give her two options that are both ok. That way she feels like she’s able to make the choice such as what to wear. When it comes to food however my kid gets what she gets. If you’re hungry enough you’ll eat. As far as playing do activities SHE likes doing. If she acts like she doesn’t want to participate then fine. Sit there and do it without her. Eventually she’ll join in. Or she won’t. I mean the other thing you’re new and a rome wasn’t built in a week. Don’t expect much from her. She’s a child experiencing a new experience upon being separated from someone you said doesn’t allow her around many people. That would be scary. Be open be patient be fair be fun.

Ask her what she needs help with taking care of the house like mommy does n how does mommy do this or do that EXPLAINE that She is watching the house for Mommy n wouldn’t she want mommy to be proud of what a big girl she’s becoming and is …good luck n make it fun n stand ur ground too she’s testing you n boundaries but she’s also a little girl who’s mommy and daddy are gone away …scary stuff don’t think for a second that she’s not worried about it

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Give her.parents a call and have them speak to the little girl then once shes done u speak with them they.obviously have ways they do things whenever I babysit.i asked questions r funny.when mom and dad r away.the.mice will them n find out

Without knowing for sure , she sounds like she is around 3 years old . . Common behaviour at that age & yes she is testing you .
The other posters have given great advice

facetime her mom while she acting the fool and let the child and the mom get this resolved then give the phone to the boyfriend as that is her uncle and let him address all it with his sister that is some bs you don’t bring the kid around but you got a trip business or otherwise and expect others to put up with what you created is on some bs


Try coming around yourself on other days… She’ll get to know you a little more and maybe next time it’ll be easier.

I had a wild child in a group I was watching on a field trip, another mom had a crying child. She was snippy with the crying child and I was frustrated with the wild child. I offer to trade. We did. I asked the girl why she was crying. Turned out the simply did not understand the whole field trip thing…thought she was never going to see her mommy again. My point is maybe she just doesn’t understand exactly what is going on.

I worked in daycare for 5 years. Just make healthy meals and if she don’t like it then thats fine. She will see that she will eat it or be hungry if she starts throwing a fit put her in timeout for the amount of minutes she is of age. If she don’t want to take a bath thats fine too. As long as you make her wash her hands after using the restroom and after eating or playing oitside then she will be fine and as long as you are changing her clothes every day. Reward anytime ahe is being good and also when you make the meals bargain with her if she takes 3 bites of each thing then she gets to have or do something fun. She is probably not testing you she is probably very upset about mommy and daddy leaving and little children do not know how to express themselves using words. Whatever you do calling the parents to talk to her will make things worse
She has to know you are in charge right now. You could say of you don’t yell at us and we have a good day we can call mommy and daddy and tell them how good youve been. Calling them for bad behaviour will make her be bad more often because she will get to talk to them. Only call for good behaviour.

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Ring her parents asap

Ive found working with children that the best way to get them comfortable is to just play… read, get on the floor and engage with whatever toys she has, asks questions about what she likes, ect and use that to help cultivate a relationship.
As for routine tasks such as bath, ect you can set up a small reward system… whatever task she does she gets a reward be it a favorite movie of her choice, a small desert, ect. You could also make a sticker chart and whenever she behaves have her put the sticker on the chart and once she gets enough (for me its 5)… then she gets a reward! Kids really do well with positive reinforcement

Since drop kicking her is not an option give her choices with limitations
i.e. "in 10 mins it’s bath time, think about what toy you want to bring in the bath…then in 5 minutes “almost time…5 minutes did you pick which toy you’re going to play with?”
Bubble bath as a treat if she has it in the house
Eating too…“I’m making lunch/dinner …do u want A or B…” do you want to help?

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It’s all development/age related.