Tips on cleaning my daughters favortie stuffed animal?

My 19 month old Daughter has a stuffy that goes everywhere with her, we realized he smells horrible. We have tried washing him a few times and we can’t do anything over night as she won’t sleep with out him. What else can work?


I just stick my kids stuffed animals in the washing machine


…buy an identical one!

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Soak in baking soda and water

If washing it doesn’t take care of the problem then throw it out and buy a new one.

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Hot water to dissolve it

Dawn dish soap works well. Soak it a bit in warm water with lots of soap. Rinse it well and hang dry.

Lysol disinfectant spray… Or “accidentally” let him fall in the bath or kitchen sink then deal with a crying baby for 30 min while it’s in the dryer… 🤷


Vinegar in the wash.


I just washed a 20yr old clifford in the washer. He did ok.

Soak it in baking soda for a few hours Then wash like normal Maybe that’ll help with the smell

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Tie it in a pillowcase and Wash with white vinegar


I put really smelly things in the washing machine and add in baking soda in with the normal soap

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I wash my son’s turtle blankey from Carter’s in the washing machine with Gain and it smells great… His gets stinky too because he sleeps with it and drools on it

I wash my daughters in the bath with dawn soap and then shampoo. Super SUPER hot water. I would say let it soak in the hot water and dawn for like 15 minutes… use a new kitchen dish brush to really clean the fur… rinse. Squeeze the soap out. Shampoo with a great smelling shampoo. Then wring it dry. I basically shake it like a psycho outside. And then I put it in the dryer on low heat.

Washing machine and baking soda and vinegar

Let her give it a bath…


Do it first thing in the morning

Try some oxiclean and baking soda.

My daughter has a stuffed dog she brings everywhere with her that is filthy as well. I wait until she leaves it laying around when she’s playing and snatch it up. Sometimes I let her watch it while it’s in the wash but most of the time she screams and cries about it lol so I just pretend I’m helping her look for it. Once it’s done in the wash I wait until she’s distracted and tell her I found it

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